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Doctors blame the ‘Tooth Fairy’ for dental emergencies


In a light-hearted report submitted to the British Medical Journal, doctors are said to be blaming the Tooth Fairy for several emergency situations that may result in malpractice suits against the mythical being. Doctors highlighted a case where an eight-year-old boy became ‘extremely distressed’ after believing that the Tooth Fairy had put a tooth in his ear when he left it under his pillow to exchange.

The doctors noted in the report that ‘We are concerned that the actions of the mythical character at the root of this report must be brought to the attention of the medical community, as it seems to represent the first signs of a worrying new trend in malpractice.’

The case in question involves a child who suffered with ‘profuse mucopurulent rhinorrhoea’ – better known as an extremely runny nose. A CT scan revealed a ‘calcified foreign body’ embedded in the boy’s left ear three years after he first complained that the Tooth Fairy had put a tooth in his ear instead of exchanging it for a gift. According to the report the child’s parents thought it was a bad dream and ‘initially reassured the boy but were unable to locate the tooth.’ The doctors added that ‘repeat auroscopy by the allergist confirmed the presence of a deciduous tooth in the auditory canal.’

His parents then decided to keep the tooth ‘for posterity’, rather than risk another visit from the tooth fairy that might end in disaster, although the child ‘kindly gave his consent for [the doctors] to disseminate this information to save other children from going through this ordeal.’

Bleeding gums ‘could be fatal’


Bleeding gums 'could be fatal'Ignoring bleeding gums could put you at risk of more than just needing emergency dentistry, an expert has claimed.

Cosmetic dentist Dr Sultan Sherzoy explained that bleeding gums are a sign of tissue damage and although may appear minor, can cause serious conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and even birth defects.

Urging people to seek treatment if they notice problems Dr Sherzoy said: “As gum disease progresses, your gums begin to pull away from your teeth … if left untreated, gum disease will begin destroying tissue and even your jawbone.”

He revealed that new evidence has suggested gum disease increases the level of biological fluid and can induce labour in pregnant women, while recent research published in the British Medical Journal found that people who failed to brush their teeth regularly were at a higher risk of suffering from heart disease in later life.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19818253-ADNFCR

Midnight snackers ‘risk losing teeth’


Midnight snackers 'risk losing teeth'Snacking in the middle of the night could lead to an increased risk of serious tooth damage and even loss, experts have warned.

A six year study by the University of Copenhagen found that of the participating 2,217 Danes, the 173 who were categorised as nocturnal eaters lost the most teeth, the BBC reports.

Nocturnal eaters were categorised by their pattern of eating more than a quarter of their daily calories after dinner or in the middle of the night, at least twice a week.

No significance could be drawn between the types of food eaten and the findings, instead the researchers believe the drying-up of saliva flow at night is the causative factor.

The British Dental Association’s scientific advisor Professor Damien Walmsley said: “Eating at night, when the mouth is driest and any food remains in the mouth longer, accentuates the impact of consuming sugary and acidic food and drinks.”

He recommended drinking only water in the last hour of the day and ensuring teeth are brushed immediately before bed.

Lack of regular tooth brushing was recently found to increase the risk of suffering from heart disease, according to a report published in the British Medical Journal.ADNFCR-2621-ID-19813220-ADNFCR

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