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Wirral dentist voted best in north-west


A Wirral dentist has been voted bset in the north-west.

Simon Wright of Glencairn Dental Practice in Bebington has been voted best young dentist in the north-west at the 2009 Dentistry Awards. wirral dentist

Local paper the Wirral Globe reported Dr Wright beat competition from 500 other practitioners to take the coveted title, with categories split into nine regions throughout the UK.

“I was delighted to have been nominated for this award and then to find out that I won best young dentist was brilliant, especially as the competition was of a very high standard,” commented Dr Wright, who is also an acting partner in the newly re-opened Glenside practice in Pensby.

Elsewhere, the British Dental Association recently awarded Preston dental surgery Lane Ends Dental Practice the BDA Good Practice award for providing ” an exceptional” level of care.

The organisation noted resident dentists Dr Kaviani and Dr Tehranian are passionate about patient care and between them have over 2,500 hours of training and experience.

Brits ‘not advised to swallow toothpaste’


People should not swallow fluoridated toothpaste.

People across the UK have been advised to avoid swallowing fluoridated toothpaste in order to get stronger teeth. swallowing toothpaste

Colin Shaw noted in a letter to Halifax newspaper the Evening Journal that adding fluoride to the water supply can be beneficial to oral health, but consuming large quantities of fluoride in toothpaste definitely is not.

He wrote: “I read a newspaper article by a member of the British Dental Association who explained that for fluoride to be effective in preventing tooth decay, it had to be ingested because tooth enamel is not permeable.”

However, Mr Shaw noted eating large quantities of toothpaste could be detrimental to a person’s health.

Elsewhere, Radio NZ reported the Northland District Health Board in New Zealand recently completed a two-year tudy into the benefits of adding fluoride to drinking water in the region.

It found that in the areas where fluoride had been added, incident rates of cavities in five-year-olds fell by five per cent.

Isle of Man dentist honoured


An Isle of Man dentist has been awarded a top honour from her peers.

Amanda Wood of Abbey Dental in Ballasalla has been named the 2009 best oral health professional honour at this year’s Private Dentistry Awards.Isle of man dentist

Ms Wood received the honour of being chosen the Outstanding Individual of the Year.

Boss Dr Mark Hepworth said she had been the “lynchpin” of the surgery and noted her time management and dedication to charity were “amazing”.

Abbey Dental also featured in the shortlist for the UK’s Best New Dental Practice at the awards.

Elsewhere, the British Dental Association recently awarded Lane Ends Dental Practice in Preston, Lancashire with the BDA Good Practice award – the first surgery in Preston to receive the accolade.

The emergency dentistry practice was praised for providing “an exceptional” level of care to patients, with resident dentists Dr Kaviani and Dr Tehranian holding in excess of 2,500 hours of combined training in advanced implantology and cosmetic dentistry between them.

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