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Abbey Crouch supports her footballer husband after dentist visit


Following a trip to the dentist to repair his broken teeth, Peter Crouch has had to rely on his wife Abbey for help and support, especially since he was looking slightly queasy after exiting the clinic. The 31-year-old was involved in a collision on the pitch that resulted in severe dental damage and left him needing braces.

At the time of the accident, Peter admitted that Abbey had been very supportive, saying ‘I’ve had a lot of sympathy from her but I said when I had them knocked out it’s a good job I’m married, otherwise I’d be struggling!’ He also said that he was nervous about wearing braces, adding ‘I’ve never had to wear a brace before, not even when I was a teenager.’

Abbey and her footballer husband were seen leaving the dentist’s office on Wednesday after getting treatment for the broken teeth, although she also sparked rumours that she was having some work done herself at the clinic by appearing with a scarf covering the bottom half of her face. Speculation in gossip magazines suggests that the 26-year-old was hiding her plumped-up lips, which were attracting attention last week for all the wrong reasons. The model may be trying to obtain a more mature appearance after suffering the embarrassment of getting turned away from the Playground nightclub at Liverpool’s Hilton Hotel.

Killers frontman talks about rock and roll lifestyle


As the frontman of popular band The Killers, many would see it as Brandon Flower’s duty to promote the rock and roll lifestyle, but the 31-year-old singer has firmly left those days behind him; he spoke to Q magazine about his former lifestyle and the changes he has made to improve his outlook – and his teeth!

Flowers was raised a Mormon and stopped drinking and smoking five years ago, but insists that this is the real ethos of rock and roll; ‘I want to be myself. I live my life how I want to. Isn’t that the idea of what rock and roll is? I am more rock and roll than just about anybody else you’re going to meet.’ The frontman also mentioned how he drank to excess in his teens and used to spend his weekends in nightclubs, much like other people his age.

Although Flowers is happy to talk about his childhood, it seems there are some incidents he would rather forget; ‘I had braces and I didn’t take good care of [my teeth]’ he told the magazine, admitting that his teeth are ‘fake’ as he had to have veneers fitted after problems with his dental health following orthodontic treatment. ‘When it was time to get the braces off they took pieces of the teeth with them,’ he says, ‘I was 14. I went to school and people kept trying to tell me that I had food in my teeth but they were holes. Eventually I had to get veneers.’

Niall Horan looks forward to the perfect smile


Boyband member Niall Horan has millions of teenage fans all over the world who probably already think he is perfect, but that hasn’t stopped the Irish heartthrob from trying to improve his teeth using orthodontic treatment. The eighteen-year-old, who sings with X-Factor stars One Direction, had braces fitted last year to straighten his teeth, but wasn’t too happy at the time because it meant he couldn’t enjoy his Christmas dinner as much and he had to stay away from sweets too – even missing out on One Direction’s back stage treats because of his new dental appliance. ‘I’ve just had a brace on this week’, he told The Sun newspaper back in December ‘so I won’t be eating sweets.’ He also added ‘It’s a bit sore so I can only eat soup.’

Eight months on and Niall has tweeted followers to let them know that his braces should be coming off soon, saying ‘Been to dentist today ! got them tightened up and stuff! He tells me i will be getting braces off in 6 months…teeth moving fast ! Sick.’

However, some fans were less delighted, complaining that braces were one of the things people loved about Niall’s look, telling him he shouldn’t change anything about himself; one follower tweeted in desperation ‘Nooooo @NiallOfficial keep your braces on forever everyone loves them.’ Another was in agreement, saying ‘@NiallOfficial is so adorbs with his braces.’


Will Smith’s daughter gets braces


Just because you belong to a family of singers, rappers, and actors, doesn’t mean you are immune to dental problems, as Will Smith’s youngest child Willow proved this week by showing off her newly fitted metal braces. At the age of eleven, Willow seems to be having similar issues to many of her not-so-famous peers, and her new train tracks might even bring the orthodontic treatment back into fashion.

On a day trip to Calabasas, California, the pre-teen was seen out and about with her minder and her dog, and she didn’t seem too shy about her new braces, smiling happily for the cameras and even stopping to have her picture taken with a fan. Whilst perfecting her Hollywood smile might be at the top of the youngsters list at the moment, she certainly has a lot of other commitments to be thinking about, including her upcoming role as the titular heroine in the remake of eighties classic Annie. As well as bringing the cast up to date, producers have recently announced that rapper Jay-Z will be working on the soundtrack, to give it worldwide appeal and a modern twist on the original.

Meanwhile, mum Jada has suggested that all the Smith family are keen to work together on a new project, saying ‘Will and I are trying to figure that out, right now. We’re talking about us all starring in a film together. Will and I are definitely planning on working together in the next year.’

Rugby player talks about orthodontic treatment


Newly-married England rugby star Mike Tindall has revealed that he had a little orthodontic help in the months leading up to his wedding to Zara Phillips. Mike, who plays for Gloucester during the rugby season, mentioned his treatment on the Invisalign company’s website, saying that he had refused to have traditional metal braces fitted when he was a child, only to regret the decision later in life.

Invisalign works using a transparent resin shield, which is placed over the teeth in order to gradually move them to a more desirable position – they are often referred to as ‘invisible braces’ because they are barely noticeable when worn. Mike credited the aligners with allowing him to continue playing rugby, as they are completely removable, he also commented on their appearance on his special day; ‘As a full time rugby player I knew traditional braces were not an option but Invisalign allows me to carry on playing sport and you won’t even see them in my wedding photos.’

Mike’s not the only new royal to have recently had their teeth fixed; the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is rumoured to have had her teeth straightened with lingual braces before her wedding to Prince William – lingual braces are made up of brackets and wires that are fitted to the back of the teeth instead of the front. Other celebrities, such as Kelly Brook and Myleene Klass, have also enjoyed similar treatment.

Dentist prepares for rise in demand for lingual braces


A Yorkshire dentist is bracing herself for an influx of patients requesting lingual braces, as celebrities like Myleene Klass and Karen Millen have spoken about their discreet orthodontic treatment – even royalty has taken advantage of this new product, apparently Kate Middleton wore them in the months preceding her wedding.

Lingual braces work in the same way as traditional metal wires and brackets, but instead of being cemented to the front of the teeth, they are fixed to the back of them, out of sight. The brackets are built to fit on each individual tooth, rather than using a generic design that would fit any teeth, which does mean they are typically more expensive than ‘train track’ braces. According to Megan Hatfield, of Wetherby Orthodontics, patients with lingual braces make up around a fifth of her workload with adults in the area.

Megan commented that people often perceive brace-wearers to be teenagers, and older patients were neglecting dental misalignments because they were worried about how it would look. She also suggested that many people were from a ‘lost generation’ that weren’t offered treatment when they were children. ‘I have treated actresses and those who are in the public eye,’ she said, ‘but most are just ordinary people who have made the decision to do something about their teeth and are willing to pay a bit more for discreet treatment.’

Ugly Betty star says goodbye to her braces


Actress America Ferrera removed those colourful train track braces for the last time as filming for the fourth and final season of Ugly Betty wrapped last year, but the 27-year-old has admitted that she’s not quite ready to let go of her clumsy alter-ego just yet. America has held onto the frizzy wig, the thick-rimmed glasses and the huge metal brackets that were Betty’s trademarks, keeping them safe in memory of the character that made her famous.

‘I don’t suppose I will ever wear them again, even though there is talk of making an Ugly Betty movie,’ She said, ‘but it is nice to keep them because we defied the old show business belief that looks are everything, by proving that they aren’t.’

However, the British Orthodontic Society doesn’t remember the braces quite as fondly, questioning why the character was still wearing the ‘over-exaggerated’ appliance after three years. Spokesperson for the society Tracey Posner said ‘This is not a true reflection of orthodontic practice. It is highly unlikely an adult would wear braces beyond two years.’

She also hit out about the stereotype that braces were thought of as damaging to the characters appearance, saying ‘It is irresponsible of the programme makers to portray Betty as ‘ugly’ because she wears prominent braces. People who wear braces are not ugly. People considering treatment should not be put off by such a stereotype.’

Braces ‘are no longer unfashionable’


Braces 'are no longer unfashionable'Increasing numbers of adults are opting for orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign and Inman Aligners, to improve the appearance of their smile, it has emerged.

Dr Pravesh Solanki from, revealed that dental professionals have seen a 40 per cent rise in requests for the corrective fixtures in recent years.

The expert suggested that the increase in media focus on dazzling Hollywood smile has resulted in a reduced stigma surrounding braces, making them a fashionable accessory.

In addition, Dr Solanki claimed that the popularity of reality makeover shows has highlighted the benefits of cosmetic dentistry for image-conscious individuals.

He stated: "The increase in media attention to look good and feel better … and the drop in price for these treatments has made them more accessible to everyone and not just celebrities."

High profile figures such as Justin Bieber, Gwen Stefani and Tom Cruise have all received orthodontic treatment to improve the alignment of their teeth. ADNFCR-2621-ID-800724063-ADNFCR

Holly Willoughby gets invisible braces


Holly Willoughby gets invisible bracesThis Morning presenter Holly Willoughby has had invisible braces fitted in a bid to perfect her glowing smile.

The blonde bombshell showed off the new additions in a photograph uploaded to social networking website Twitter on Tuesday (June 7th).

Willoughby, who also appears on ITV2 panel show Celebrity Juice with Keith Lemon and best friend Fearne Cotton, revealed she will be wearing the braces for the next two months.

In the photograph, the mother of two's mouth accessory is barely noticeable, yet will work effectively to straighten crooked teeth.

Willoughby is not the first celebrity to get invisible braces in a bid to improve the appearance of their teeth.

Popstar to Operastar presenter Myleene Klass also opted for the dental treatment on her bottom teeth to perfect her smile.

The former Hear'Say member showed of her braces, which were fitted behind her pearly whites, during an appearance on This Morning last year.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800571172-ADNFCR

People with braces ‘should brush teeth after every meal’


People with braces 'should brush teeth after every meal'People who have fitted braces should brush their teeth after every meal to ensure they maintain a healthy- looking smile.

Making sure the mouth is clean after eating sticky or sweet substances will improve the appearance of braces as well as increasing the wearer's confidence, according to consultant orthodontist Dr Aisha Bataringaya-Sekalala.

Speaking to the Daily Monitor, she advised people with braces to use the specially prescribed toothbrush given to them by their dentist.

People are also urged to carry a travel toothbrush with them to make brushing more convenient for brace wearers.

Dr Bataringaya-Sekalala also recommends people ensure their braces are fitted correctly to make the most out of their function.

BBC Radio 1 suggests people with braces stick to soft food for the first few days after getting braces fitted to ensure they do not get dislodged.

The news provider also informs young people who are preparing to undergo the procedure of other alternatives such as invisalign and clear braces.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800520553-ADNFCR

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