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Could braces be the new fashion accessory?


According to research done by the British Lingual Orthodontic Society, one-in-five adults would like to get braces as the trend for the ‘Hollywood Smile’ continues. Although orthodontic work can cost more than £5000 per patient, more and more people are opting to get braces as the treatment options become more discreet and less uncomfortable.

Dr Rob Davies, of Smile Centre in Cardiff, spoke to Wales Online about the trend, saying that the attitudes towards braces have changed dramatically over the last thirty years. He explained that ‘in the last five years or so there has been a big increase in awareness – everyone wants nice, white, straight teeth and they are willing to go through a little bit of discomfort or wear braces to get them.’

A spokeswoman for the British Dental Foundation said that many adult patients appear to be more concerned with the cosmetic aspect of orthodontic treatment, rather than the functional need to correct the bite. She also said ‘With more media coverage focusing on appearance and celebrities, the general public feel more pressured in achieving the perfect smile. With modern techniques, dental appliances can be made less visible, compared with traditional train-track braces.’

Coventry woman finally gets her teeth fixed using inheritance


A young woman from Coventry who spent her life feeling ashamed of her teeth has finally found her smile after her father left her some money in his will. Kirsty Roberts-Millman described her teeth as ‘horrendous’ because of misalignments and a bite problem; following fifteen months of treatment with braces, the 27-year-old now has her picture in the National Portrait Gallery.

Kirsty never knew her father and found out in 2009 that he had been killed in a car accident. After some deliberation, she decided to spend money left to her by her father on fixing her teeth – something she had wanted to do for many years. Kirsty reflects on the condition of her teeth growing up, saying ‘I never really felt happy with them but I had quite a lot going on because I was quite an ill child and didn’t like the thought of wearing braces. I was always conscious of them. They were horrendous and they were crooked.’

After starting treatment in 2012 at Marlborough Road Dental Practice it took around 15 months of wearing removable Invisalign braces to see a dramatic improvement. Kirsty added that the treatment has really improved her confidence and she says ‘I’m extremely happy with the result. It’s even more special to know it’s all because of my dad, even though I didn’t know him.’

Kelly Ripa takes son for a trip to the orthodontist in New York


American TV presenter Kelly Ripa was pictured in a jovial mood after taking her son to the dentist for a check-up; the mother-of-three was photographed outside an orthodontic clinic in New York with her youngest child, looking relaxed and happy.

The 44-year-old chat show host shared a laugh with 11-year-old Joaquin as the pair left the clinic in casual winter outfits, huddling together to keep out the cold.

Later on in the day, Kelly shared a picture of the trip on her Instagram account, showing her son in the dentist’s chair. The photograph showed Joaquin smiling while wearing red protective glasses and a cheek retractor so that the dentist could see his teeth clearly; the youngster did not seem to be anxious about the dental check-up as he gave the thumbs up to the camera. The dentist is also seen in the corner of the picture wearing a surgical mask for the treatment. Although it is unclear exactly what treatment was taking place, Kelly also added the caption ‘It’s the mysterious Dr. Sherman and equally intriguing Joaquin attempting to have a conversation about braces’ suggesting that her son is about to start orthodontic work

Has Rob Kardashian started orthodontic treatment?


After watching the antics of the Kardashian clan for the past nine seasons of the reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, fans were quick to notice when the single Kardashian brother Rob appeared to have started orthodontic treatment, despite the fact that he has apparently had perfect pearly whites over the course of the show.

The 27-year-old was filming footage for the new series of the family’s reality show, when eagle-eyed viewers spotted that Rob appeared to be wearing braces over his teeth. The Kardashian clan were receiving inoculations for their up-coming trip to Thailand and Robert appeared to be wearing some sort of orthodontic appliance but it was not clear exactly what type.

Older sister Khloe underwent orthodontic treatment two years ago but decided to get clear Invisalign braces so that the work would not be obvious from the outside.

As well as his teeth, Rob has been working to improve his fitness and has been spending some time with his sisters and their personal trainer, in order to lose weight and get in shape. He tweeted followers about his current weight and state of mind, saying ‘I’m aware that I’m fat that def aint a surprise to me lol and my only therapy will be in the gym anyways.’

James Arthur shows off results of orthodontic work


X-factor contestant James Arthur has found himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons after winning the talent show two years ago, but now it seems that the 26-year-old is attempting to reinvent himself with a change of image.

His previous scruffy appearance might have won him some fans on the reality show but James told reporters that he has never liked his crooked teeth and immediately after his victory he began orthodontic treatment to straighten them out. As well as dealing with his misalignments, the singer stepped out this week with a new hair style and a striking tan that certainly got the attention of the viewers as he performed his new single on This Morning.

More noticeable than his hair do, his teeth were obviously without their braces and looking much straighter. James took to twitter to let his followers know that he was still undergoing dental treatment for the perfect smile, saying ‘I just got my top braces off which is nice. Looking forward to the dentist working on them now they are straight.’ This appeared to be one of his milder tweets, as the singer has become known for his controversial posts and disagreements with other famous twitter users, as well as fellow X-factor contestants. He has left the social networking site several times but has now been tempted back as he tries to re-establish himself on the music scene.

James Arthur adjusts to new fixed braces


When he won the talent show X-Factor last year one of the first things James Arthur said he would do with his pay cheque would be to fix his teeth, although his crooked smile didn’t stop him being crowned X-Factor champion, he said that he had always wanted to have nicer teeth and new found fame would help him achieve that goal. However, the 25-year-old singer has since found out that adjusting to orthodontic braces is no easy task.

James explained that the train tracks could occasionally affect his love life as the metal wires have cut his mouth and made kissing uncomfortable. He described one occasion where he was kissing a girl and his braces got in the way; ‘I was kissing a girl and had a little cut on my mouth and it kept getting caught. It wasn’t comfortable. So I had to stop kissing her.’

Although he might have some problems with them, James has found that there are some benefits to having fixed braces, including an improvement in his voice; he said ‘if anything they have made my singing better because I’m more focused on my diction.’ He went on to say that he could not wait until December when the braces are due to come off, then ‘have a bit of work done, and then have teeth that I’m happy with.’ 

TOWIE’s Billie Faiers gets braces instead of veneers


The cast of reality show The Only Way Is Essex are known for their fake tans, lashings of make-up and their super-white dental veneers; but one of their regular cast-members has decided to break the mould and go for braces instead, to straighten her teeth out rather than undergo dental treatment to place veneers. 23-year-old Billie Faiers is a familiar face on the popular ITV2 show and she has decided to undergo orthodontic treatment using Cfast braces that can barely be seen when they are fixed in place.

Billie was recently photographed out and about in Brentwood, Essex, and the invisible braces could hardly be detected even when she was smiling for the cameras. However, it seems that her treatment has not all been smooth sailing and Billie could be seen gritting her teeth in pain as she examined them in a mirror at Minnie’s Boutique – where she works. When braces are first applied they can cause some discomfort as they put pressure onto the teeth to move them into a better position.

Earlier this week the reality star tweeted about her orthodontic treatment right after having her braces fitted, saying ‘Thank you to @cfastortho and @HarleyStreetDG for helping me get my new smile.’ Other stars that have had similar treatment include Holly Willoughby, Alexandra Burke, and ex-TOWIE regular Kirk Norcross, who all chose braces over veneers.

Georgia May Jagger worries that she will have ‘scary teeth’ when she is older


Mick Jagger’s youngest daughter has managed to build a successful modelling career off the back of her famous name, but that doesn’t mean Georgia May Jagger has the perfect life – she still gets teased about her teeth and often feels self-conscious that her dental problems are on show for all to see.

Speaking to The Edit, an online magazine, the 21-year-old admitted that she worries about the gap between her front teeth that has taken centre-stage in many of her modelling shoots – even becoming her signature when she fronts magazines and advertising campaigns. Georgia mentioned that the social networking site Instagram has played host to some ‘interesting debates’ about the condition of her teeth, saying ‘When 12-year-olds tell you to go get braces and someone answers ‘don’t tell her to do that’, that’s really sweet.’

The model went on to discuss the pressures of her chosen career, and mentioned that she wanted her fans to know that she’s not perfect, saying ‘There’s this whole idea of perfection [in modelling]. What younger girls don’t realise is that these girls do have problems. It’s good for people to realise everyone is human.’ She also added that she worries what her teeth will look like in the future, predicting that she will be ‘a weird old woman with scary teeth.’

One Direction singer celebrates getting braces removed


Boyband member Niall Horan has been celebrating life without braces after getting them removed this week; he shared some pictures of his teeth before and after and seemed very pleased with the results. The star’s front two teeth were badly crossed over and he has been undergoing orthodontic treatment for several years to straighten them out.

Niall, 19, tweeted before the treatment that he couldn’t wait to get the braces taken off after undergoing orthodontic work beginning in December 2011. The One Direction singer posted his excitement beforehand, saying ‘Morning.! This is it! I’m goin to the dentist! I think this is my last hour with braces! Oh how I’m gona miss them! Naaaaaaat!’ Later, he posted a snap of him with his bandmates as he enjoyed a meal at a Japanese restaurant – eating for the first time without braces.

The singer’s Twitter fans have followed Niall’s progress and even shared their own experiences with orthodontic treatment, as well as congratulating him on the brace removal. One tweeter posted ‘I had my last appointment at the orthodontist too! #straightteeth.’

Niall might be disappointed to know that his recently made wax replica will have to live with the braces permanently though, as the model was created while they were still in place.

X-Factor’s James Arthur buys his mum new teeth


James Arthur has not been having a bad year after winning the last series of talent show The X-Factor, and now he’s decided to thank his mum for her support by giving her £8,000 worth of cosmetic dentistry, as a gift for mother’s day. According to a source close to the singer, James has been keen to get his teeth fixed since winning the show, but didn’t have the time when Tracey Bell Clinic in Liverpool offered him free treatment; so he passed on the generous offer to his mother.

James’ mum Shirley has always been self-conscious about her teeth and a source said that ‘whenever Shirley was filmed or pictured during The X-Factor she was always conscious about showing her teeth as they were in a very poor state.’ They continued ‘James asked whether it was possible to pass on the freebie to his mum as he knows how much it would mean to her and would be the ultimate Mother’s Day present.’

The 25-year-old even managed to arrange for the £8,000 dentures to be fitted early so that his mum could accompany him to the Brit awards, without having to worry about smiling for the photographers. The source also added that James is still going to get his teeth fixed when he gets chances and that the Liverpool dentist has suggested clear braces instead of veneers ‘because they change the way your mouth moves which could affect his singing voice.’

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