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New 3D printed braces could cut down the time needed for orthodontic work


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New 3D printed braces could cut down the time needed for orthodontic workNew 3D printed braces could cut down the time needed for orthodontic work, the Daily Mail has reported. The new product is said to have lights and a battery fitted onto each tooth. Now, this may sound like a strange idea, however, it is thought that light therapy can enhance and speed up bone regeneration. It is this element that could cut the time needed to straighten teeth.

Light therapy can potentially alter the DNA in the cells and, therefore, help increase the energy supply to the tooth. This action could help speed up the orthodontic process in what is deemed a safe way. The device will be programmed by a trained professional to apply the correct amount of light therapy for each tooth. The LED lights will be powered by a non-toxic lithium battery.

Another great thing about the technology is that the light cannot be seen. This is due to the wavelength that the light operates on. Many people could benefit from this new technology and also be saved some of the discomfort that traditional braces produce. Watch this space!

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Expert claims braces could be harming children’s teeth


International expert, Professor Robin Seymour, has issued a warning that orthodontic treatment, in particular fixed braces, could be risky to children’s dental health. It is estimated that around two hundred thousand young people undergo teeth straightening in England and Wales every year.

Professor Seymour expressed his concerns that braces with fixed brackets and bands attached can make it very difficult for children to brush their teeth. This could then lead to a build-up of plaque and potentially gum disease. He was quoted in the Daily Mail, “While the demand for orthodontic treatments has increased, it needs to be recognised that there are risks associated with such treatments.” He also went on to say that in certain cases, the risks of having a brace could outweigh the benefits, if the patient has existing poor dental hygiene.

The professor also undertook research into effective cleaning methods for people undergoing orthodontic work. His research suggests that there were no extra benefits to using electric tooth brushes, and the interdental brushes, recommended by many dentists, showed no additional benefits in the prevention of plaque. He did however suggest that using alcohol free mouth wash, alongside regular brushing, showed significant removal of debris which could help to maintain good oral health.




British Orthodontic Society’s warning over DIY braces


Do it yourself braces have grown in popularity over recent years, with many online shops offering appliances and accessories much cheaper than the cost of formal orthodontics. The BOS, a registered charity, have issued a warning to people to avoid this kind of product, as the possible risks to health are high.

Teeth straightening is a complex orthodontic process that requires thorough assessment and diagnosis of an individual’s personal circumstances. What may seem like a simple process requires specialist assessment of the mouth, with factors to be taken into consideration, such as, facial harmony, a person’s bite, overcrowding of teeth etc. The director of the charity’s external relations, Richard George, has issued a statement about the growing issue, “When it comes to the health of your teeth, cutting corners is a really bad idea. Buying aligners online to straighten your teeth without a clinical examination and then embarking on unsupervised treatment is risky and could cause permanent damage.”

The charity currently has a remit for providing patients with support and information on the best care and has expressed concerns over new developments in DIY braces. Worryingly, there are currently no regulations surrounding the websites that are selling these products and they are not run by dental professionals.


Viewers are left stunned by young man’s terrible teeth on Channel 5 TV show


A young man participating on the Channel  5 show Never Been To A Doctor has left viewers stunned, and some ‘literally  hiding’ behind their duvets in attempts to avoid the horror of the 21-year-olds rotten teeth. The show allows people who are in desperate need of medical or dental treatment to access the care they need after years without visiting a medical professional.

The young man, known as Ben, admitted to being terrified of going to the dentist and had only ever been a few times in his life, which has led to his mouth becoming full of black and brown teeth, with several teeth missing along the top jaw. In addition, Ben told presenter Katie Piper that he had braces when he was younger but did not brush his teeth properly, leading to extensive tooth rot.

Viewers were stunned that the chef had allowed his teeth to reach this state of disrepair even with a debilitating fear of the dentist. After finally facing his fear, Ben was able to get the treatment he needed and had a denture fitted to replace the rotten teeth, as well as many hours of repair work on the damaged teeth he still had. Upon seeing the new teeth in the mirror Ben was very emotional and told Katie that this was ‘definitely a new beginning’ for him.


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Loose Women’s Andrea Mclean shows off new braces live on TV show


TV presenter Andrea Mclean has debuted a new set of fixed braces on ITV talk show Loose Women; the 46-year-old presented the chat show at the end of last week and was seen wearing the orthodontic appliance after confessing that she has always needed braces but was too embarrassed to get them before now.

Viewers were slightly confused to begin with and suggested that Andrea had perhaps had her lips done, but the presenter explained that she has just started orthodontic treatment after feeling too embarrassed to do so when she was a teenager. The mother-of-two explained that she suffered with acne as a teenager and had a perm as well, so she didn’t want to add braces into the mix.

She added that her 14-year-old son has also started treatment using braces and she decided that she would go for it as well; she said ‘I was saying you’re so brave and I though you’re such a hypocrite because you never did it. So I did it! And we’re brace-face together!’ Fans on social media sites were quick to lend their support to Andrea, as she joins other celebrities, such as Tom Cruise and Gwen Stefani, in getting orthodontic treatment.


Katy Perry admits she would rather live with crooked teeth than get braces


American singer Katy Perry has admitted that she would rather leave her crooked teeth as they are instead of getting braces to straighten them out. The 31-year-old showed her crowded bottom teeth while she was being interviewed for In Style magazine and said that she would not be able to ‘commit’ to having braces.

Katy told the magazine that she would like to have perfect teeth on the top and bottom but didn’t feel that she would be able to commit to having orthodontic work as an adult, especially when she has never had braces in her life before. She called her lower teeth ‘the bane’ of her ‘beauty existence’, saying ‘it’s like the Rocky Mountains in there!’ She bared her lower teeth to show them perfectly white but crooked and crowded towards the front of her mouth.

Instead of getting braces, the singer is happy to distract from her crooked teeth by experimenting with her hair, make-up and costumes both on and off the stage. As part of her latest tour, Katy changed into hundreds of different costumes and she is currently on a break from performing in what she calls ‘a period of absorbing, of research, and development’ before she hits the studio to start making music again.


Katie Holmes discusses new characters orthodontic appliance


Actress Katie Holmes has been talking about her new role on Showtime series Ray Donovan during an interview for Good Morning America. The 36-year-old was discussing her character Paige Finney and she responded to questions about her obvious orthodontic appliance; fans of the show were surprised to see Katie wearing metal ‘train tracks’ whilst in character but not during interviews. Twitter had even been using the hashtag #bracesgate after she was first spotted on the show with metal braces attached to her teeth, although the actress is not actually undergoing orthodontic treatment herself.

Holmes told the presenter that Paige has to wear braces because she suffers with medical problems; she said ‘Literally, the braces are because she has migraine headaches and that helps them.’ When asked about what this represents for the character, the actress surmised that it is to show that ‘Paige, while she does look like she has everything in order, she still is flawed.’ The braces are designed to show that the character is ‘not exactly what you see’ and has a ‘complicated’ personality.

As well as discussing her orthodontic work, the mother-of-one talked about the possibility of a reunion with fellow cast members from teen drama Dawson’s Creek, saying ‘I think we’d all have a really great time doing it.’


Morning Joe host jokes about lisp after getting braces


The hosts of MSNBC’s morning news show Morning Joe, were left in fits of giggles on live television after one of the panel admitted that the reason she had suddenly developed a lisp was because she had started orthodontic treatment with lingual braces. Mika Brzezinski, 48, had not mentioned to the viewers that she had started the treatment but the cat was let out of the bag after she had problems pronouncing the letted ‘S’ during a news segment on ISIS.

Co-host Joe Scarborough was unable to keep the secret and told Mika that she had to explain why she suddenly had a lisp, saying ‘It’s worse than I ever imagined.’ The female host carried on with the programme but her colleagues had already lost their composure, with producers behind the camera even getting the giggles. Scarborough was almost crying with laughter as his co-host attempted to say ‘ISIS’ two or three times, with a noticeable lisp affecting her speech.

Mika explained that she had the lingual braces fitted onto the back of her teeth because of an overbite. She told the panel ‘It’s my bite that’s bad’. Although the braces are virtually invisible from the front of her mouth, the orthodontic appliance has obviously affected her speech somewhat; this can happen with treatment but it is usually a temporary problem that resolves itself quickly.

Patricia Arquette explains why she has never had braces


Many people with dental misalignments will get orthodontic treatment but that’s not the choice that Oscar-winning actress Patricia Arquette made and she stands by it. Although there are lots of new ways to treat dental malocclusions, some without the work being obvious in any way, the True Romance star said that she has never felt the need to get braces to straighten her teeth out.

The actress explained that when she was in the ninth grade a boy told her she should get her teeth straightened so she could pose for Playboy. Arquette replied ‘Why would I want to be in Playboy?’ and explained to People magazine that she ‘didn’t want to look perfect’ and didn’t feel that straightening her teeth would make her more attractive. The Oscar-winner added ‘I didn’t think that was my responsibility.’

Even from a young age Patricia had decided that she didn’t feel the need to fix her teeth and told her parents she did not want braces because she felt that it would change the way she had been born. She explained ‘It didn’t feel like it would fit who I was inside.’ The malocclusions didn’t stop Arquette from building a stellar career and scooping the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in Boyhood.

Around 4,000 children in Wales are waiting over three years for braces


According to one NHS orthodontist, thousands of children in west Wales are waiting years to get orthodontic treatment, due to lack of funding caused by a massive backlog in patient care. It has been suggested that even if funding was doubled, waiting lists in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, would take five years to clear.

David Howells, who runs Pencastell Orthodontics, the only NHS Orthodontist in west Wales, spoke to BBC Radio Wales about the problem, saying that the clinic only has the capacity to treat around 800 cases a year, leaving thousands of children waiting longer than three years to get the orthodontic treatment they need. Mr Howells blamed the problem on NHS funding, rather than the lack of available dentists; he also added that the issue began in 2006 when new dental contracts were imposed on NHS dentists. He explained that dental practices used to manage their own patient lists but with the health board taking over this aspect of treatment it has led to ‘wasted funding’ which could be used to help more patients.

The Welsh government released a statement saying that an outreach programme had been set up to try and combat the problem. The statement said that the government has invested £700,000 in improving patient referrals for dental and orthodontic treatment, in an effort to make the system ‘more efficient and reduce waiting times.’

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