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Botox ‘has a range of uses’


The uses for Botox continue to expand.

Botox injections could have a range of treatment possibilities to improve the health of people suffering a range of conditions, it has been revealed.

The Washington Post reported the injections can be used to help reduce the pain associated with migraines, as well as helping to reduce the effects of an overactive bladder or profuse sweating.

Indeed, back pain can also be eased through the treatment, as can oesophageal spasms and hand tremors.

Elsewhere, the Montgomery Courier recently reported US veterans could soon benefit from Botox treatments to help ease the suffering of those with debilitating limb spasticity.

Dr Stephanie Sneed, director of the Polytrauma/Traumatic Brain Injury Programme, commented: “The purpose of the procedure is to assist patients in facilitating their rehabilitation goals and to reduce the pain caused by intense spasms.”

She added that the treatment can help sufferers reduce the intensity of spasms, as the botulinium toxin numbs areas where it is injected.

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