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Fear of the dentist could be genetic


The issue of odontophobia (fear of dentists or dental treatment) is a very common issue. Statistics show that it could be as high as twenty five percent of people in the UK. To some, the thought of going to the dentist fills them with fear and dread, which can cause problems for people’s dental health. New research now suggests that this could in fact be inherited from parents.

The research study was performed by the West Virginia University, to explore the subject of dental phobia. The results found evidence to suggest that dental phobia could be, in part, a genetic issue. Research showed that the fear of pain gene was also responsible for people fearing the dentist. One of the researchers involved in the study, Cameron Randall, was quoted in the Birmingham Mail as saying, “The most important conclusion of this study is that our genes may predispose us to be more susceptible to developing dental fear.”

Many people could see this issue as an irrational fear, however, in light of this new evidence, it shows a potentially deeper, underlying issue. Previously, the fear had been attributed to a bad experience during childhood, however these results suggest that it could already be in a person’s DNA.



Reality star White Dee decides to go for Botox treatment


It may have seemed like her 15 minutes of fame were over and done with, but breakout personality of TV show Benefits Street is not willing to let go of her time in the spotlight just yet and she has now decided to have Botox injections as she strives for TV fame.

The reality TV celebrity known as White Dee – real name Dee Kelly – is said to be having the anti-wrinkle treatment regularly at a surgery in Cannock, according to Birmingham Mail.

Apparently, the Benefits Street celebrity is hoping that her cosmetic surgery will be the start of her TV career and her Birmingham-based agent Barry Tomes has said that Dee is hoping to get a role in ITV comedy Benidorm, which is due to start filming in March. The Birmingham native is hoping to make an appearance in the popular show as her agent explains that there have been ‘discussions’ about Dee having at least a walk-on role, but possibly more than that.

As well as getting Botox injections, White Dee hired a personal trained two years ago in an effort to get in shape so she could ‘crack America.’


Emergency dentistry news: One-third of young children in Birmingham ‘have rotting teeth’


Emergency dentistry news: One-third of young children in Birmingham 'have rotting teeth'Parents hoping to reduce the risks of their children needing to see an emergency dentist could be shocked by figures of a new poll.

According to the Birmingham Mail, one-third of five-year-olds in the Midlands city have already shown signs of tooth decay.

Parents have been urged to take increased action to ensure the oral health of youngsters is maintained by promoting good hygiene habits.

Birmingham's dental health professionals are set to make improvements to the system following the results, which found one-third of five-year-old children had missing or decayed teeth.

This news comes after the British Dental Health Foundation (BDHF) announced the launch of a new campaign to improve oral healthcare for children under five years old.

Working alongside the Infant and Toddler Forum, the charity aims to raise the awareness of parents, carers and guardians in a bid to tackle the issue.

Dr Nigel Carter, chief executive of the BDHF, said: "It is really important children develop a good oral health routine from a very early age."ADNFCR-2621-ID-800569886-ADNFCR

Has Karen Brady had dental veneers?


Has Karen Brady had dental veneers put in?Speculation has been rife on Twitter that The Apprentice’s Karen Brady has had dental veneers fitted.

The former football manager collected an honorary degree at the University of Birmingham this week, but members of the social networking site were more interested in whether or not she had opted for cosmetic dentistry after seeing her on spin-off show You’re Fired.

Indeed, her smile did look very bright, prompting Anderson_james to tweet: “Does Karen Brady on The Apprentice have a new set of teeth?!,” the Birmingham Mail reports.

However, Rickboylamb suggested she may have opted for a shade or two too light, remarking: “They have partially blinded me.”

Earlier this month, Katie Price had a similar effect on the photographers waiting for her at LAX Airport, OK! magazine reported.

Her dental veneers seemed to have been whitened just a little too much, startling onlookers with their shine, especially against her black coat.

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