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Toothpaste developed that could repair holes in teeth


A new product has been developed that could help to repair holes in teeth and treat sensitivity long-term; the invention , called BioMiniF was created by a team at Queen Mary’s, University of London and contains a ‘miracle ingredient’ called bioactive glass. Researchers are hopeful that this breakthrough could eventually mean that drills are no longer used as part of dental treatment.

The product works by binding to the teeth to fill any holes, as well as releasing minerals into the tooth structure to make it stronger; it is applied by a form of sandblasting that would fire small particles of the BioMin at the damaged areas of the tooth, sealing and rebuilding it.

Leader of the study, Professor Robert Hill is hoping to sell the BioMin in the form of toothpaste that should cost around five pounds for a 75ml tube. Professor Hill said that this remineralising toothpaste would make teeth ‘far more resistant to attack from acidic soft drinks’ and ‘it is much more effective than conventional toothpastes’ because they do not bind to the teeth in the same way, and the minerals are washed away after the teeth are brushed.

Prof Hill told the Daily Mail that he was hopeful this product could reduce levels of decay in the country, as well as helping people who suffer with tooth sensitivity.  He added that the active ingredient could also be used in dental cleaning and polishing products also.


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