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Is Britney Spears overdoing it with Botox?


Fans were quick to point out that Britney Spears looked suspiciously flawless after her appearance on the red carpet for the Billboard Awards recently and insiders are suggesting that her youthful appearance is anything but natural. A source has supposedly revealed to Now magazine that the singer is ‘addicted’ to Botox and regularly gets the injections to stop any wrinkles from forming.

The insider said that the mother-of-two has gone ‘way overboard’ with Botox and filler injections and informed the magazine that Britney was getting the treatment done ‘every few weeks’ instead of several months apart, as most practitioners would recommend.

The 34-year-old is said to be ‘obsessive’ about her appearance and is determined to look as good as she did when she was a teenager first bursting onto the music scene. The source mentioned that her face is ‘so frozen’ that she has trouble forming expressions and can hardly raise her eyebrows due to the amount of Botox that has been injected.

Britney has admitted in the past that she has had lip fillers but has so far made no mention of whether she has been getting Botox injections to fight lines and wrinkles on her face.


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