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Australia’s Biggest Loser host visits the dentist to complete her transformation


Former host of Biggest Loser Australia, Ajay Rochester, has been working hard to transform her own body after presenting the show about weight loss, and the 45-year-old has decided to complete her makeover with a trip to the dentist for teeth whitening.

Ajay decided against healthy diet and exercise to lose weight and instead spent $50,000 on liposuction and skin removal at a Beverly Hills surgery. The aspiring actress then chose to finish the look with an improved set of pearly white teeth. Ajay posted a picture of herself in the dentist’s chair wearing a cheek retractor and protective glasses as she waited to begin the treatment – showing no signs of nerves about the upcoming procedure.

Ajay posted the picture on photo site Instagram on Thursday and added the caption ‘My total head to toe Hollywood Body Transformation begins today Starting with my smile.’

The former presenter has been working on her appearance for a long time and she has shared her experiences with fans through social networking, even posting a before and after picture in December, displaying her slimmer figure after undergoing surgery. She is also set to appear in a new web series called The Doll and she posted a video of her joking around backstage in LA.

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