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Bethenny Frankel says she gets Botox injections into her jaw


It’s probably no surprise that a reality star on the Real Housewives of New York is a fan of having cosmetic treatment, but Bethenny Frankel has revealed that instead of getting Botox injections to get rid of wrinkles, she has the treatment done into her jaw line, in order reduce the effects of a damaging case of Bruxism – grinding the teeth and clenching the jaw.

The 45-year-old admitted that she does look different because of the treatment but she told DailyMail.coms 2016 Newfront in New York that it is not for the reasons people think – fans of the show were speculating that the reality star had undergone invasive cosmetic treatment to change her face, when instead she has actually been getting Botox injections to deal with the grinding problem.

Bethenny explained that she started the injections three years ago at the suggestion of her dermatologist, because her jaw muscles were very tense and they were clenching the teeth together. The Botox injections have relaxed the muscles and softened the shape of Bethenny’s jaw line and she said that she was ‘excited’ by the improvement and added ‘ it think it’s why I can take a shorter haircut.’

Reality star Bethenny Frankel hits back at doctor who spoke about her Botox treatment


Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel has spoken out on her talk show Bethenny about a doctor who recently accused her of indulging in too much Botox treatment. Dr Robert A. Guida said that the 42-year-old did not look natural and could not move her eyebrows properly.

Bethenny seemed offended by the accusations and brought the topic up on her daytime talk show, saying ‘I have a new boyfriend and he has botched me up. Yes, bloggers who have no idea what they are talking about are writing that I have a new boyfriend named Botox, who has really botched me up.’

The outburst did not end there, she asked the camera man to zoom in on her forehead, where she proceeded to point out some wrinkles around her eyes and above her brows. She then added ‘I am not saying I wouldn’t do Botox but I am not doing Botox on the regular because I am not one of those people that walks up to a mirror and says, ‘Hmmm, let me see what I need to fix.’

Bethenny then confronted Dr Guida personally, challenging him to speak to her directly about his claims, saying ‘Dr Robert Guida is the one who commented on my face. A. I’ve never met you. B. You’re not my doctor. C. Shut your pie hole and go back to your corner. If you are going to write it come up and say it to my face bizzitch, ok? Say it to my wrinkled face.’

Cosmetic surgeons question reality stars unnatural appearance


It’s probably no surprise to fans of her show that Bethenny Frankel has had some cosmetic work done to try and hold back the aging process, but now experts in the field are wondering if the reality star has taken things a little bit too far with facial injections.

Dr Robert Guida, a Park Avenue plastic surgeon, told MailOnline that he thinks Bethenny has had ‘too many injections in the wrong spots.’ He added ‘this is causing her eyebrows to arch way too much, giving her an overdone, ridiculous look.’ The 42-year-old was also said to look ‘too smooth’ in the forehead area and overall appeared ‘far from natural’.

Another beauty expert, who did not want to be identified, mentioned that the muscles in Bethenny’s forehead had probably become paralysed due to overuse of filler and Botox treatments; the mother-of-one appeared to be ‘expressionless’ as she interviewed guests on her new talk show. The source also added ‘Her face’s natural, instant reaction of surprise was to go wide eyed and lift both her eyebrows high up but she was unable to lift the inner edges of her eyes, creating a bat-eyed appearance.’

The expert went on to say that Ms Frankel seems to have had her ‘eleven’ lines between her eyebrows treated, adding that ‘these creases can make one appear to be scowling or angry. The good news is she never looks angry as long as her injections last.’

Real Housewife gets her teeth whitened


US reality star Bethenny Frankel might not be smiling much at the moment because of her stressful divorce proceedings, but the 42-year-old is determined to improve her teeth anyway and recently visited the dentist to get her teeth whitened from ‘candy corn’ yellow, to a healthier ‘marshmallow’ shade.

The Real Housewives celebrity posted a video of herself attending treatment at the Lavaan Dental Spa in New York City and was initially sceptical that the clinical procedure would be noticeably more effective than the DIY whitening trays she used at home. Although she was not convinced that the treatment would dramatically alter her teeth, she was still excited about the prospect and chatted with the team members while she waited for dentist Dr Jeffrey Rappaport to carry out the whitening.

Bethenny was decked out in a blue apron, sound-proof headphones and orange goggles, to protect her eyes from the curing light used to activate the bleaching gel. After the treatment was completed, she seemed thrilled with the results and joked that she would be able to come off her ‘white foods only’ diet, thanks to the improvement in her enamel shade. She added that she was so sick of the restriction she had put on herself that she would now ‘never eat white sauce again.’

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