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Reading woman breaks her tooth after biting into pizza


A Whitley woman spoke to about her ordeal after biting into a Domino’s pizza and breaking a tooth on a metal nut.

Bella Peppiatt ordered a takeaway pizza from her local Domino’s and was tucking into a vegetarian pizza when she realised something was not right. Bella said ‘I started eating the pizza and there was a funny taste in my mouth. I bit into it and I could taste metal.’

The 28-year-old took another bite and found that there was a metal nut in her mouth from the pizza; she described the experience as ‘horrible’. Bella’s tooth was chipped after the accident and she reported the incident to the takeaway shop where the pizza was purchased; staff members were ordered to send out replacement pizzas right away. However, Bella was not satisfied with this solution and emailed Domino’s headquarters to ask what they would do about her dental damage.

A spokeswoman for Domino’s said that the metal nut had come loose from one of the pizza cutters; it was described as ‘a very rare and isolated incident’. The company have taken measures to ensure that this problem does not occur again. The spokeswoman added ‘We’d like to send heartfelt and sincere apologies to our customer for this experience. We have offered to reimburse them for any dental work that may result, provided a full refund and vouchers.’

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