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Dental professionals issue warning for Halloween


With many children, just hours away from embarking on their trick or treating, dentists have issued a stark warning to parents about taking care of their children’s teeth. Professionals are encouraging parents to be mindful when the abundance of sweets and goodies are collected on this year’s celebration of All Hallows’ Eve.

Professor Nigel Hunt, faculty dean of The Royal College of Surgeons, spoke to the BBC about the issue, “We want to help parents make sensible decisions about letting their children eat sweets at Halloween and all year round.” He also spoke about the ‘horror’ associated with trick or treat sweets and children’s teeth, “Unfortunately, those sweet treats can be a Halloween horror for kids’ teeth, sugar is one of the biggest culprits for nasty tooth decay.”

Prof. Hunt has suggested the following advice for parents, for their own families, and any other children that visit their homes to trick or treat. On the night, parents are advised to encourage their children to save their sweets to eat with a meal, and for anyone calling by, consider giving other treats, such as, balloons or stickers. It is essential that children brush their teeth thoroughly after eating their sweets and before bed, and try to provide water, rather than sugary drinks. With teeth extractions in under tens reaching around one hundred and seventy-nine thousand last year and twenty five percent of three to five year olds suffering from tooth decay, professionals are hopeful that the advice will be followed.



Six year old boy gets a new smile


Ryan Coutinho, a young boy from Brazil, lost the majority of his teeth at the tender age of three, leaving only a small few remaining in his lower jaw. Ryan lives with his family near Guajeru, a poverty-stricken town in the north east of the country.

During a community project at Ryan’s school he met twenty-five-year-old dentist, Amanda Mattos, who was shocked by the state of the boy’s teeth. Amanda told the BBC, “I had never seen something like this.” Ryan had to have his teeth extracted due to cavities, and ever since has felt very self-conscious. His teacher told Amanda that he was often isolated from the other children and rarely smiled.

Compelled to help the youngster, Amanda kindly offered him dental treatment free of charge. At first, Ryan’s mother was reluctant to accept the offer for fear that he would suffer a similar ordeal to the extractions, but eventually, after a chance meeting two years later, the family gratefully took her up on the offer. Following a series of x-rays and dental impressions at Amanda’s private dental clinic, Ryan finally got his new smile. Now he has his new denture he cannot stop smiling, and feels happy that he has a smile just like his friends.


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Ann Robinson confesses to Botox



The steely Weakest Link presenter, Ann Robinson, admits that she is ‘fanatical about how she looks’ and will go to great lengths to keep herself looking younger. The seventy-two-year-old has confessed to visiting a German health farm at least twice a year to give her body an ‘MOT’.

Despite her standoffish persona Ann has admitted that she really does care about how she looks and has undergone many procedures over the years. Speaking on a BBC documentary, Ann told of her obsession with looking good, “How I look matters to me, it always has. I have my hair cut and highlighted once a month. I have manicures, pedicures, facial peels, HRT implants. I had a face lift 12 years ago. I’m fanatical about how I look.”

Ann disclosed that she spends an annual £20,000 on Botox, and other procedures, in an attempt to retain a younger appearance. The confession was prompted whilst presenting a BBC documentary about Britain’s fixation on beauty. She was featured on the show visiting the Bodensee health farm to receive an enema. Obviously this was not shown, but the presenter was heard screaming out in pain from behind a closed door. This is a good demonstration of the lengths people will go to in the name of vanity.





BDA concerned over rise in online antibiotic sales


The British Dental Association, along with other medical organisations, have raised concerns about the sale of antibiotics through online pharmaceuticals. An investigation carried out by the BBC has highlighted the rise in antibiotics being sold online with no ‘face to face’ appointments. Prescribing medication of this nature without any form of checking or consultation is against national guidelines set by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).

Following the investigation findings, there has become a sense of urgency in the need for raising awareness, and to ensure that people know the real consequences and the serious public health threat that AMR (Antimicrobial Resistance) poses. It is advised that if patients are suffering from an ailment that they consider might need antibiotics then they should see their dentist or doctor, instead of turning to online pharmaceuticals to self-diagnose symptoms.

As part of the investigation, Faye Kirkland attempted to obtain three varying types of antibiotics from the same online store, citing symptoms for different conditions, one of which was a dental problem. Shockingly, she was able to get all three antibiotics within twenty four hours and the issue was likened to ‘antibiotics being handed out like Smarties.’




Renee Zellweger denies cosmetic surgery claims


In the run up to the premiere of her new film, Bridget Jones’s Baby, actress Renee Zellweger has flatly denied claims that she has undergone cosmetic surgery, stating that she is more than comfortable with aging naturally. The star re-emerged from her six year acting break back in 2014, at the Elle Magazine’s Women in Hollywood awards, with a drastic new look. Following this appearance, the actress sparked an array of wild media speculation about her potential plastic surgery work, which still seems to be attracting debate following her recent appearance on the BBC’s, The One Show.

Some fans have expressed grave concerns about the star’s drastically changing facial features after her One Show appearance. Fans stated that she looked “unrecognisable” and also pointed out that it looked as if she was “struggling to open her eyes” on the show, The Mirror Online reported.

Following the media frenzy that ensued, people are opening up dialogue and discussion about the deeper issue of female body image and the ‘pressures’ of continuing to look young and youthful in a modern society. This is a debate that seems to be a hot topic of conversation at the present time and will most likely continue to be over the coming months and years.



Nottingham busker is hoping to play on thanks to generous donations


Friends of a Nottingham man are hoping to save the popular street musicians busking career after raising donations to pay for this huge dentistry bill. Mogs Morgan, 65, has been playing saxophone on the city’s streets for 33 years but was struggling to perform because of his loose teeth. The musician was facing a bill of £16,000 to get the problem fixed with tooth implants but fortunately his friends have stepped in to raise the money so that he can keep busking.

Mr Morgan said it was ‘mind-blowing’ that people cared enough to help. He explained to the BBC that he was having trouble gripping the reed on the mouthpiece of the saxophone because of his severely loosened front teeth. His teeth are not currently supported by bone around the roots and this means that they move around extensively when he is trying to play; the best way to treat this would be with tooth implants, which would be around £4,000 each, according to Mr Morgan’s dentist.

A friend of Mr Morgan said that an official fundraising website was being set up to accept donations so that he can have four dental implants. He added that playing music means so much to the busker, saying it ‘is his life.’


Apprentice winner Leah Totton opens new Botox clinic



Leah Totton has been going from strength to strength in the business world ever since she came out on top in 2013’s The Apprentice final and the 28-year-old has shown no signs of slowing down when it comes to building her empire. Leah is now set to open her second clinic after Lord Sugar invested £250,000 in her Botox business following her victory on the BBC reality show.

The entrepreneur, a former doctor, already runs a successful clinic in central London and she took to Twitter to announce the launch of her second business in Loughton, Essex. The new clinic offers many treatments, including hair transplants, skin peels, laser treatments, and facial injections.

Leah is currently thought to be on her way to earning her first million and she recently spoke to MailOnline about how new entrepreneurs can get investment for starting in the world of business. She told the paper that if you have an idea you feel passionate about you have to ‘make others see your vision’ in order to secure investment to build a business. She also spoke about tighter regulations surrounding cosmetic procedures, saying she felt there was ‘a huge need’ for the entire sector to be better controlled in order to put ‘patient safety over and above profitability.’


Not brushing your teeth could cause serious health problems


An experiment has revealed that failing to properly brush your teeth could lead to dangerous health complications; the results were broadcast as part of a two-part series on dental health for the BBC. Dr Christoffer Van Tulleken was told to wear a gum guard on one side of his mouth so that his teeth could not be properly cleaned when he brushed every day; the experiment took place over a two week period and Dr Van Tulleken spoke to Mailonline about the results.

By the time the fortnight experiment was over, the Doctor had developed mild gum disease and was spitting blood after brushing; however, there was more to this than meets the eye and tests conducted by Professor Iain Chapple at the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry showed that his immune system had actually suffered some damage. Test results revealed that Christoffer’s white blood cells were less effective and chronic inflammation could also have damaged other cells in the body. The infection affected all of his body temporarily but long-term gum disease can push the immune system into overdrive, causing damage to other areas of the body on a more permanent basis.

Without treatment, gum disease can not only lead to tooth loss, it can also be a trigger for type 2 diabetes, dementia, and heart disease, with the gum infection causing chronic, irreversible damage to the body’s organs.

Judy Murray changes her tune on Botox


She was once an advocate of facial injections, but mother of tennis star Andy Murray has changed her mind about Botox anti-wrinkle treatment; Judy Murray has now decided that she would like to grow old gracefully and forego cosmetic treatment. Judy, 55, said some time ago that she had Botox injections because she looked like a ‘scary monster’ due to her facial wrinkles.

Judy was taking part in BBC show Strictly Come Dancing when she decided that she would like to get Botox in order to make herself look younger and healthier on-screen. Following her stint as a contestant on the dance show, the former professional tennis player changed her mind and has decided that she will not bother with cosmetic treatment any more. She said of her previous experiences with the procedure ‘I experimented with a dash of Botox between my eyebrows to soften my scowl but it didn’t really make much difference so I left it. I believe in growing old gracefully.’

Instead of looking at her appearance, mother-of-two Judy has been trying to find ways to relax following many years of playing her sport, she said; ‘Tennis has caused two frozen shoulders which took a lot of physio to sort out. They are still very stiff and the hot-stone massage is brilliant. I am still slow on the court though.’

TV’s ‘The Fixer’ says she is thinking about Botox


TV’s Alex Polizzi is well known for pulling no punches on her shows about improving floundering businesses and the 43-year-old is now looking at ways to make herself look better on screen as she turns her attention to the restaurant industry for her new show.

The Fixer, as she’s known on the BBC, says that watching herself on television has made her ‘realise the passage of time’ and wonder if she could benefit from some Botox injections. She said ‘I’m 43 and I can’t believe how much I’ve aged in the past few years – probably since I had my son. You think ‘Maybe I should start thinking about Botox.’

The famous hotelier added ‘In a very boring, female way, I’m quite obsessed with how I look but I’m under no illusions. I’m not on telly because I’m pretty; I’m on telly because I know what I’m talking about.’

Discussing her own viewing habits, Alex says she is not a fan of BBC hit show The Apprentice; she calls it ‘repulsive’ and ‘a parody’ because of the contestants who apply to take part in the programme. She also added ‘I’m amazed at how violent TV is these days so I love that half-hour of children’s TV I watch every day.’

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