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Dentists ‘will be able to advise on suitability of Invisalign braces’


See a dentist to find out if Invisalign braces are for you.People who want straight teeth should speak to a dentist to see if Invisalign braces will be suitable for them.

This is the recommendation of Minneapolis orthodontist Dr Trudy Bonvino, who explained that a professional will be able to check out the state of a person's smile to see if they will be a suitable candidate for the treatment.

It will also be possible to see if there is any crowding, overbite or underbite present that may affect the way the invisible braces work.

"Knowing precisely what needs to be corrected is another step toward determining whether Invisalign is the best method of correcting it," Dr Bonvine commented.

The expert suggested that this kind of brace may be particularly suitable for those who have demanding schedules, as they can be fitted in fewer appointments.

This comes after Baystate Dental told earlier this month that Invisalign braces will work best if they are left in the mouth for the recommended 21 to 22 hours per day.

Invisalign braces ‘will allow you to maintain a normal lifestyle’


Invisalign braces should not be inconvenient.Opting for Invisalign braces will allow people to maintain the lifestyle they had before cosmetic dentistry treatment – as long as patients wear them properly.

This is the advice of Baystate Dental, which told that this kind of brace can be worn by anyone from their teens onwards.

"The advantage of this [is] you take it off for eating, brushing and flossing," a spokesperson commented.

However, it is vital that Invisalign braces are worn for around 22 hours a day to work properly, the source advised.

"You will get nice straight results," he added, explaining that most treatments are finished within 12 months.

Justin Fenner, writing for the Into the Gloss section of Styleite, recently criticised model Karlie Kloss for only wearing her Invisalign braces at night while she is asleep.

"The idea behind wearing these things is to keep them in as long as possible so that the trays gradually move your teeth," he pointed out.

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