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German company products sweets that could stop tooth decay


Scientists at German research company Organo Balance claim to have created a sweet that is coated in bacteria which could prevent plaque from causing tooth decay. The new ‘cavity-free’ treats are designed to neutralise bad bacteria that causes cavities to form on the surface of the teeth.

Researchers with the company found that they could bind a version of ‘good’ bacteria to the surface of the sweets so that when the product is chewed it will neutralise the streptococcus mutans that are believe to be responsible for tooth decay. The study found that after subjects had eaten the sweet the levels of streptococcus found on the teeth were much lower, suggesting that this product could lead to fewer cavities in people who have a sweet tooth.

New York City dentist Barry Kramer spoke to ABC News about the discovery and expressed his doubts, saying that he doesn’t think ‘a quick fix’ like simply chewing a sweet would actually make a huge about of difference to dental health. He added ‘we dentists say when you put a crown in a mouth it’s like putting a jewel in a sewer – that’s how much bacteria is swimming in your mouth.’

He went on to say that the best way to avoid cavities is still to brush and floss regularly, as fluoride is the only chemical that has successfully prevented cavities at this point. 

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