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Michael Turnbull shows off his striking new veneers


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Michael Turnbull shows off his striking new veneersFormer Australian international goalkeeper and now reality television star Michael Turnbull shows off his striking new veneers this week. The celebrity was snapped for a feature in Vogue Dental in Melbourne. There he sported a stylish tuxedo and a new set of dental veneers.

It is said that Turnbull spent around twenty two thousand Australian dollars on the new fixtures. This equates to around twelve and a half thousand British Pounds. Due to his current varied career activities, he decided that he needed a smile makeover. Therefore, what better way to do that than with a set of beautiful veneers.

It has also been rumoured that the thirty seven year old celeb has undergone Botox treatment. However, this is purely speculation as the man himself refused to comment. One of his former co-stars was quoted as saying. “Oh, my God, you look so good, what’s your secret?” Although he refused to comment on this topic, one thing he was happy to shout about was his new veneers!


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Prototype dental vaccine could neutralise harmful bacteria in the mouth


The world’s first dental vaccine could limit, or even replace, the need for gum surgery according to scientists from Melbourne, Australia. The breakthrough vaccination could work by stimulating the body’s own defenses to fight infection and reduce or eliminate harmful bacteria.

The team of Australian scientists have been working on the vaccine for almost fifteen years, alongside the biotech company CSL, who specialise in research, development and manufacture of medicines and vaccines to prevent serious conditions. The aim of this oral hygiene research and development was to produce a preventative medicine that could tackle periodontitis and general gum disease.

An article appeared in the NPJ Vaccines Journal earlier this week, which showed the findings of the prototype. The results suggested that it was extremely effective in triggering the natural human immune response to the bacteria Porphyromonas Gingivalis, and showed a neutralisation of this common culprit of bone and tissue loss. Scientists are hoping that a fully-fledged version of the vaccine could be available to the public within, as little as, a few years’ time. Not only would this be good news for overall health, considering it is linked to heart disease, dementia, and some cancers, but it would also mean that people would potentially need less invasive treatment from their dentist.




Skye Wheatley reveals she’s had lip fillers


Ex Big Brother star, Skye Wheatley, has revealed that she has indeed had lip fillers, after speculation from fans gained momentum. Skye unveiled her new pout on a recent Instagram post promoting HiSmile teeth whitening products, which prompted a frenzy of fan posts.

The 24-year-old confirmed that she had undergone lip filler treatment after a bombardment of questions on Instagram. Skye found herself criticised by some followers, with one loyal fan feeling compelled to defend the star after people trolled her post. Appreciative of her fan’s loyalty the star personally responded and thanked them for their support.

This is not the first time the Instagram star has found herself under the scrutiny of the media and her fan base following cosmetic surgery. Last year Skye had a breast augmentation in Thailand. Unfortunately for her the surgery did not go to plan and she found herself having reconstruction surgery. However, the hell continued as she was left with more complications. She is now scheduled for a second reconstruction in Australia. The star was quoted in the Mail Online, “My boob job experience has literally been hell. Going to see the best of the best doctors, who still look at you and go… it’s gonna take me four hours to fix them”




Australia’s Bachelor sparks rumours of Botox injections


Dashing star of The Bachelor Australia, Tim Robards, appears to have been dabbling in cosmetic surgery as the 31-year-old was seen at recent red carpet events looking smooth and wrinkle free, despite his age. Tim, who is a chiropractor, arrived at the Men of Style event in Sydney last week looking smart in a grey and white suit and fans were quick to point out that his new complexion didn’t seem to match some of the pictures he put on Instagram just weeks ago.

Rumours began that Tim has decided to get rid of wrinkles using either Botox or dermal fillers – especially since he was pictured last year attending an even hosted by Dermaquest, a company that specialises in skincare and anti-aging treatments. His girlfriend Anna is actually an official ambassador for the company, which is currently working with plant stem cell technology to halt the signs of aging.

A statement released by the company said that they were looking forward to The Bachelor finale and were happy to have the previous year’s Bachelor with them to learn about the latest anti-aging techniques, adding ‘He’s got to keep up appearances after all!’

Katie Price shows off make-up free complexion after Botox injections


Even though she claimed to have sworn off Botox and other facial injectables, former glamour model Katie Price seems to have decided that a little bit of cosmetic treatment won’t hurt; the 36-year-old tweeted a picture of herself straight after having Botox injections, wearing no make-up and looking fresh-faced.

The mother-of-five was pictured on website YouGossip, wearing no make-up, following a new round of Botox injections; she added the caption ‘Makeup off and just had Botox… a pop star went in the clinic after’.

It was only eighteen months ago that Katie admitted she quite liked the new wrinkles she had developed after deciding that Botox was not for her anymore; she said in one interview that she hadn’t had Botox injections for some time and she had actually started to see wrinkles and smile lines on her face, as well as movement around her eyebrows. However, it seems that she has now changed her mind about new lines and wrinkles and decided that Botox is something that she just can’t do without.

Katie also revealed in an interview with The Morning Show, on Australia’s Channel Seven, that she has ‘something big’ coming up in Australia and will be staying in the country for around three months.

Australian shopper bites into safety pin in block of cheese


A Woolworths customer in Australia thought he had broken his tooth when he bit into a block of cheese and found a safety pin in the middle of it. The shop has since withdrawn the line of cheese following the incident in New South Wales.

Former School teacher Patrick McMullen, from Orange, New South Wales, cut a slice from a block of Woolworths brand cheddar cheese and was surprised to make the discovery. Patrick told ABC ‘I cut a reasonably thick slice, put it into my mouth, I had no idea. At first I thought I’d broken a tooth because I felt something hard in my mouth… [but] it turned out to be a safety pin.’

Mr McMullen said he was in ‘shock’ at the turn of events and rang the Woolworths hotline right away; he added ‘They assured me that they take this sort of matter seriously and that someone would ring me.’ After pressuring them to remove the item from the shelves, a spokesman for the company told ABC that the product was immediately withdrawn from sale, he explained that ‘Woolworths is continuing to investigate the issue and has been in touch with the customer a number of times and will talk to him again today.’

Mr McMullen maintains that he is not out to cause trouble by releasing this information to the public, saying that his only concern is ‘for the safety of everyone.’

Could Botox be used to treat asthma?


It might be more commonly associated with anti-wrinkle treatment but now Botox is being suggested as a medical aid to people suffering with asthma; research by doctors in Australia has revealed that the injections may be able to help patients struggling to breathe due to the condition. Injecting Botox into the vocal cords could help to relieve the symptoms of asthma and another breathing problem called vocal cord dysfunction. The Botox paralyses the muscles in the throat so that they relax and breathing becomes easier; the effects are thought to last between two and three months.

The study involved a group of 11 patients who received up to 24 injections; 60% of those taking part reported a significant reduction in symptoms.

Professor Phillip Bardin, of Melbourne’s Monash Health, said that this treatment ‘may be an effective treatment for intractable asthma associated with abnormal vocal cord movement. Some of our patients had one or two injections, improved markedly and didn’t need any more treatment.’ He added ‘overall, the patients improved because they’re not as breathless as they have been in the past.’

There were some side-effects to the treatment, with a number of patients experiencing a softening of their voice after the injections were administered.

Over half of Australian children have tooth decay


Recent reports have revealed that over 50% of Australian children aged between six and ten have some level of tooth decay. Two studies were released on Friday, presenting the results of major national surveys into the country’s dental health by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. The first report was a summary of overall dental health and the second detailed the comparisons between children living in urban surroundings and those in more remote areas – both combine old and new data on the subject.

As well as revealing that decay is present in over 50% of that age group, the research concluded that cases of tooth decay in five-year-olds had increased since 2007, when the last survey was conducted. One of the report’s authors, Professor Kaye Roberts-Thomson, described this as a ‘real problem’ for Australia, adding that ‘people thought decay was going away. It increased in the mid 1990’s, and that could be all sorts of things, like less tap water, more sugar, it could be lots of different things.’

It is perhaps unsurprising that the results revealed that people with a lower income have significantly poorer dental health, with levels of decay and poor oral hygiene increasing as income falls; people with income that falls into the 60,000 – 80,000 AUD bracket enjoy a much better quality of oral health. That is to say; people with more money have healthier teeth.

Robert Pattinson shows off rotten teeth


Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson has made his name on his good-looks but now the 26-year-old is hoping to be judged on his acting ability rather than his appearance, as he has displayed a gruesome set of rotting teeth on the set of his new film The Rover. There’s no need for Twilight fans to panic though; Rob is only sporting the brown veneers to play the role of a criminal, as he completes filming in Adelaide, Australia.

To completely look the part, the British actor has a shaved head and dirty clothes; he is playing the part of Reynolds and teaming up with Australian Guy Pearce to chase a gang of robbers across the country. Rob was pictured in full costume, relaxing between takes, showing off the crooked, cracked teeth as he chatted to crew members. The photos quickly made their way onto the internet and fans were initially shocked to see Pattinson looking unkempt and dirty – a far cry from his perfectly-chiselled Twilight counterpart, vampire Edward Cullen.

While Rob has been filming in Australia, his on-off girlfriend and fellow Twilight star Kristen Stewart was spotted out and about in Hollywood with friends; according to online sources she is looking forward to his return but has been discouraged from visiting him in case the pair fall out – which could be disastrous for the release of the final Twilight DVD.

Aussie kids ‘ignoring oral health’


Aussie kids suffering from decayChildren in Australia are failing to take good care of their teeth, which could result in trips to the emergency dentist.

According to two reports from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, almost half of the country's children aged five to six have a history of decay in their baby teeth.

"Since the mid-1990s, children seem to be getting more decay and that's been slowly increasing," Prof Roberts-Thomson said.

The data showed that children are drinking less fluoridated tap water and this could be an important factor in the reduction of oral hygiene in youngsters.

Meanwhile, the Hindustan Times recently reported that toothpastes and mouth wash that contains added fluoride has a significant benefit for the strength of teeth.

The publication stated that ensuring a larger consumption of fluoride could be the solution to teeth that may be weakened as a result of a sugary diet, which could cause bacteria to break down the surface of the teeth.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800683344-ADNFCR

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