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John Lennon’s tooth up for auction


A molar removed from the mouth of John Lennon in the sixties is set to go up for auction, with a predicted sale price of around £30,000.The tooth is the ultimate collectors item for any fan of the fab four, and was passed on to Lennon’s housekeeper, Dot Jarlett, after it was extracted because it was decaying. Dot’s son, Barry, explained that Lennon had brought the extracted tooth home from the dentist wrapped in paper and asked Dot to throw it away, before adding ‘As your daughter’s a Beatles fan, you can give it to her as a souvenir.’ He went on to say that his sister has kept the tooth safe all these years and that ‘It is something that we felt was very personal.’

Barry praised the late Beatle for the generosity he showed to his mother, saying ‘He treated her like family, because he didn’t really have a very big family and he really looked after my mum, he used to call her Aunty Dot.’ Dot has previously sold several of Lennon’s belongings, including the jacket he wore for the cover picture of ‘Rubber Soul.’

The fifty-year-old molar comes with a signed document of authenticity, and will be opened to bidders on the 5th of November in Stockport. Bets placed with Ladbrokes show that the current predicted price is a little over £30,000. Ladbrokes spokesperson, Alex Donohue, was confident that the tooth would peak buyers interest, saying ‘We’re convinced bidders are going to get their teeth stuck into this lot.’

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