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Liz McClarnon: I had Botox to stop excessive sweating


Liz McClarnon has had Botox.Former Atomic Kitten Liz McClarnon has revealed she recently had Botox to prevent excessive sweating.

The 29-year-old, who once won Celebrity Masterchef, told ITV1’s This Morning she had a secret to share before making her cosmetic surgery revelation.

“I got some [Botox] the other day! It was amazing! I actually got some in my armpits to stop me sweating,” she commented.

However, McClarnon added that she also gave a little Botox in her forehead a try too, in order to beat the onset of wrinkles.

The singer has recently been concentrating on television work after shooting to fame as one-third of Atomic Kitten in 1999.

Earlier this month, Dr Michael Persky told the Orange County Register Botox is excellent for excessive sweating, which is also known as hyperhidrosis.

He said the treatment is particularly useful for teenage sufferers of the condition, who may otherwise lose their confidence and worry constantly about how to cover it up.

Kylie ‘giving up Botox’


Kylie Minogue has said she has given up Botox. Kylie Minogue has said she plans to give up having Botox treatments, instead preferring to “grow old gracefully”. The singer and style icon has admitted to using a range of cosmetic treatments in the past, including Botox, but now says she wants to put all that behind her and move into the next phase of her life with a clean slate. She commented: “Yes, I’ve used Botox, but not any more … I’m embracing my age.” Ms Minogue added that she is body confident at present and feels she does not need to artificially improve her looks and denied having a face-lift. Elsewhere, former Atomic Kitten and reality TV star Kerry Katona has said she has used Botox also. She told Now magazine: “I’ve had a bit on my forehead. I was worried sick about having it as I didn’t want to look weird.”

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