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Smoking ’caused terrible dental problems’ among Victorians


The Victorians damaged their teeth with clay pipes.New research has revealed that smoking caused terrible dental problems among the Victorians, at a time when they could not have veneers or dental implants to put them right.

According to a study by the Museum of London, which excavated some skeletal remains from a cemetery in Whitechapel, 92 per cent of adults had dental disfigurement as a result of clay pipes, Reuters reports.

"In many cases, a clear circular 'hole' was evident when the upper and lower jaws were closed," said Donald Walker from the museum's Archaeology Service.

The damage was not limited to adults either, with many young skeletons also showing signs of dental damage as a result of the pipes, which came before cigarettes.

Oral health experts still advise against smoking today, as cigarettes can cause an array of different problems for the mouth and the rest of the body.

According to, these include bone loss, shrinking gums, stained teeth and cancer.

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