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Milk teeth fight economic downturn


Against the economic trends, milk teeth have continued to rise in value over the last half a century, according to a study carried out by Aquafresh. Over the past fifty years the price parent’s offer for their children’s baby teeth has risen ten-fold from 10p to £1, beating the 27% increase in petrol prices to become one of the most profitable commodities in the UK.

The research showed that 70% of parents are still leaving at least £1 from the tooth fairy, despite the recent reduction in living standards. Some children even manage to get more money out of their parents as incentive for brushing their teeth every day; amounting to £10 or more in some households. Many of today’s generation of parents received 50p or less when they were children themselves.

Leading dentist of Aqua Dental Spa, Neera Maini, said that ‘Dental decay is one of the biggest preventable diseases in the UK, so this is a perfect opportunity for parents to use milk teeth and haggle down prices to encourage children to brush. By simply paying less or nothing at all for decayed teeth, parents could improve their kid’s oral health and set good habits that will last a lifetime.’

According to the study, parents in Yorkshire were the most generous with 75% offering at least £1 per tooth, whereas their counterparts in the West Midlands were less giving; one in twenty didn’t leave anything from the tooth fairy at all.

Senior Brand Manager for Aquafresh, Lesley Stonier, said that ‘The fact that milk teeth are one of the most stable and profitable commodity markets in the UK is astonishing, and is a great incentive for kids to look after their teeth and brush twice a day.’

Praise for cosmetic dentist


Internet make-up entrepreneur Lauren Luke has thanked the cosmetic dentist who helped perfect her smile.

She thanked Dr Ken Harris of Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry surgery in Sunderland for helping her overcome her teeth issues.

Ms Luke has become a global internet sensation through her make-up tutorials posted on YouTube and noted she would not have had the confidence to make the videos had it not been for the work carried out by Dr Harris.

Dr Harris, who has surgeries in Sunderland and Newcastle, added: "We are all delighted that Lauren has done so well and that we’ve played a part in that – and the fact that’s she’s included us in her book is fantastic."

Elsewhere, Dr Anoop Maini of Aqua Dental Spa recently noted Britons are becoming more worried about stained teeth and as such, there has been an increase in the number of people seeking out teeth whitening treatments.

Brits ‘having cosmetic dentistry treatments’


Britons are undergoing cosmetic dentistry treatments throughout their lives to keep their smiles in the best possible shape, it has been claimed.

Dr Anoop Maini of Aqua Dental Spa said people can undergo many cosmetic dentistry treatments nowadays to keep their teeth looking young and healthy.

He noted that staining in particular can be easily treated with an air spray.

Dr Maini commented: "You can also get porcelain veneers which are used in situations where the teeth themselves are worn out structurally, to give the teeth a more youthful shape."

According to the British Orthodontic Society, with longer life expectancies than previous generations – and a greater awareness that teeth can last a lifetime – today’s adults are taking better care of their teeth and are prepared to invest in the long-term appearance of their mouths.

The organisation concluded that orthodontic treatment is no long the preserve of the young, with people being treated well into their 60s.

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