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Psychological issues ‘linked to dentistry fear’


Fear of dentist’s office linked to background.

A study has been carried out which has found a link between children who have psychological problems and fears over the dentist. dentistry fear

Cosmetic Dentistry Guide reported research from the University of Gothenburg’s Sahlgrenska Academy revealed children from turbulent family backgrounds are more likely to have a fear of visiting the dentist.

Child dentistry specialist Annika Gustafsson said the impact of parental attitudes cannot be underestimated, as children will mimic their parents and if they have a negative view of dental health then their children are likely to as well.

Elsewhere, the St Louis Post-Dispatch recently reported research carried out by the US Centers for Disease Control showed a quarter of kids aged two to five and half of those aged 12 to 15 suffer from tooth decay.

The study noted parents should take the time to make sure children are comfortable with taking regular trips to the dentist in order to help improve these figures in the future.

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