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Cosmetic dentistry ‘can help to fight the look of ageing’


Cosmetic dentistry may help people to look younger.Having cosmetic dentistry could help people to look younger than they are, according to one expert.

In an article for Marie Claire, Australian cosmetic dentist Dr Angelo Lazaris said it is surprising how much a person's smile can affect their perceived age.

"As we age our teeth darken, wear down and move out of alignment to become more crooked," he pointed out.

To prevent this, he recommended Invisalign braces, teeth whitening and, in more extreme cases, dental veneers.

Zoom whitening from an oral healthcare provider was suggested as one treatment people might like to try.

It may indeed be best to go to a professional in order to have teeth brightened up. Daily Mail writer Anna Maxted recently admitted she became addicted to DIY whitening kits and even used them to do the school run.

However, she has now damaged her tooth enamel and her gums permanently as a result of the strong chemicals contained within them.

Actress: Teeth whitening ‘is like getting a facial’


Amanda Peet is a fan of teeth whitening.Having teeth whitening treatment has been compared to getting a facial by one actress who is a fan.

Amanda Peet, star of films such as disaster epic 2012, told Bella Sugar that having a really "stainless smile" is a more important part of the beauty process than most people give it credit for.

She explained that she has gentle teeth whitening treatment about once every three months, or whenever she is getting ready for a big event.

"If you have a date coming up or you have an event or pictures or wedding or something like that, it's a great tool to use at the last minute," Peet remarked.

People who want brighter teeth might want to avoid DIY strips after Daily Mail writer Anna Maxted described how they damaged her enamel and made her gums recede.

She had been overusing products with dangerously high chemical levels for a long period of time.

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