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Jeremy Clarkson tops list of worst celebrity teeth in the UK


Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been voted number one in the list of the UK’s worth celebrity teeth, close behind him was BBC presenter Andrew Marr, with actor Stephen Fry coming in third. According to the women polled in the study, brown or yellow teeth are the biggest turn off when it comes to first date impressions, and more than half of those asked said they would decline a second date with someone who had discoloured teeth.

Co-owner of LoveLite, Donnamarie McBride, who conducted the survey explained that ‘If you want to make a good impression there’s nothing better than a winning smile and you can’t have that if you’ve got badly discoloured teeth. Clearly that counts for celebrities just as much as everyone else.’ She also added that it wasn’t surprising to find Jeremy Clarkson at the top of the poll, given that he smokes heavily and isn’t interested in the so-called ‘Hollywood Smile’.

Although dental stains aren’t desirable, it seems that those at the opposite end of the spectrum haven’t fared any better; stars like Simon Cowell and TOWIE regulars Joey Essex and Chloe Sims were in the top five for worst cosmetically enhanced smile. Even after spending thousands of pounds on their teeth, it seems overly white, perfectly straight teeth are almost as unattractive as stained or discoloured teeth.

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