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Patients urged against anaesthesia


Individuals who have so much anxiety about dental treatments that they insist on being knocked out for treatments have been advised to instead relax.

Dental Plans reported US dentist Dr Peter Harnois employs a natural approach to get his patients to be more compliant in the dentist’s chair.

His three-part process entails giving the patient Butyramino Butyricaba and Itheanine – two natural relaxants – then having them wear a of a cranial electrostimulation device, before finally giving them a pair of dark glasses and having them listen to soothing music.

"You don’t fall asleep but you get in a state that you are so relaxed there is no more fear and anxiety," commented James Poole, chief executive officer of a company that specialises in minimising patient fear.

Elsewhere, recently reported a new laser scanner can help contour map the inside of a person’s mouth and transfer this data to the manufacturers of crowns or dental implants, thereby reducing time in the dentist’s chair and making the fitting easier and less painful.

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