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Amy Childs shows off her lip fillers at the Hang Dr launch party



Amy Childs has come under fire over recent days for her involvement in the 3D Lipo ad campaign, Dying To Be Beautiful.’ The twenty six year old ex T.O.W.I.E. star has defended her decision to appear in the ad and has hit out at the negative media attention that she has received. In response, Amy has defied her critics by attending the Hang Dr launch party, confidently showing off her full lips and ample cleavage.

Earlier on this week, Amy admitted that she felt cosmetic surgery had destroyed her confidence and she was unhappy with her sagging breast augmentation. In an interview with Star Magazine she was quoted as saying, “I used to look in the mirror and think, Oh my God, I don’t even look like myself anymore.” She has also made no secret that she has been addicted to plastic surgery in the past.

However, it is no wonder that Amy has indulged in cosmetic surgery, as she admits that when she first made it big she was offered an abundance of procedures free of charge to modify her looks, and still gets asked now. It is clear to see that the star has toned down her look; however, she is still fashioning a very ample pout.



Amy Childs suffers backlash from recent anti surgery campaign


The recent anti surgery campaign ‘Dying to be Beautiful’ featuring T.O.W.I.E. stars, Amy Childs and Danielle Armstrong, has prompted a media backlash. Childs has been branded a hypocrite as she has had breast augmentation and lip fillers in the past. The celebrity has always been up front about the work she has had done, speaking frankly about her failing surgery; however, the media have slated her for the u-turn.


The campaign by 3D Lipo was created to highlight the potential dangers of going under the knife, instead opting to promote less invasive surgery as an alternative. The star came under fire following the campaign, prompting her to set the record straight on Instagram. She wrote, “The reason for me getting involved with this campaign is to highlight to young, impressionable girls and boys out there (like I was myself) that you shouldn’t rush into the decision to go under the knife to change your body like I did.”


Fans of the star praised her for her open and honest approach and felt that she had done a good thing by trying to educate and help others learn from her past mistakes.




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T.O.W.I.E. favourites in disturbing cosmetic surgery awareness campaign  



The Only Way Is Essex stars, Danielle Armstrong and Amy Childs, have created a stir over their involvement in a new, hard hitting campaign, highlighting the risks of cosmetic surgery. The campaign, ‘Dying to be Beautiful’, is hoping to draw attention to the dangers of invasive cosmetic surgery and bring to the forefront of people’s minds the risks they are taking when undergoing such procedures.

The campaign, developed by 3D Lipo, features the two T.O.W.I.E stars dressed in hospital gowns, emulating lifeless bodies in coffins. To add to the effect, bloodied surgical equipment has been laid in trays on the star’s stomachs and surgeon’s hands are pictured imitating surgery. 3D Lipo Managing Director, Roy Cowley, was quoted in The Mirror Online, “The message of our Dying To Be Beautiful Campaign is very simple, exactly that; You don’t need to die to look great.” As well as highlighting the risks of cosmetic surgery, it also draws attention to the fact that non-invasive cosmetic surgery can also give people good results. The campaign uses the clever caption, ‘The Only Way is Non Surgical’

After their ‘Dying to be Beautiful’ shoot, the pair are featured alive and well in their promotional shots, showing the stark contrast between life and death.





Amy Childs regrets overdoing lip injections


Former TOWIE regular Amy Childs may be comfortable talking about her cosmetic surgery but she can admit when she’s overdone it; the reality-star-turned-businesswoman has spoken to Now magazine about getting dermal filler injections and becoming so ‘addicted’ to plastic surgery that she ‘looked like a freak.’

Despite the fact she offers the treatment to others at her Essex salon, Amy has said that she went too far with the procedure and became ‘totally obsessed’ with getting cosmetic surgery to alter her appearance. She told the magazine that she got over her addiction when she ‘woke up one day’ and questioned what she was trying to achieve; she asked herself ‘Amy, what are you doing…? Look at your lips!’ After getting multiple lip injection treatments, Amy felt that she ‘looked like a blow-up doll.’

After having the filler solution removed from her lips in 2014, Amy has been telling young women they should take surgical procedures seriously and really think about what they are doing before rushing into anything. Amy added that she is still getting work done but keeping it natural, to make sure that she doesn’t end up in the same position as before.


Chantelle Houghton is photographed with swollen lips



She has admitted to going under-the-knife in the past and now it seems that reality star Chantelle Houghton is dabbling in cosmetic treatment again, as the mother-of-one was seen out and about with painfully swollen lips. The 32-year-old was pictured outside a London coffee shop and her lips appeared swollen and much larger than their normal appearance.

Chantelle was spotted enjoying the sunshine at the end of last week and while she grabbed a coffee she was also seen examining her plumper pout in a compact mirror. The Celebrity Big Brother winner didn’t seem to be her usually bubbly self and did not raise a smile for the photographers; instead she ignored the cameras and checked her appearance in the mirror regularly. Foregoing any make-up, the reality star enjoyed her coffee break with a natural look on display for the cameras.

Although she calls her previous breast augmentation her ‘biggest regret’ Chantelle is still a fan of lip fillers and has been for regular treatments at the salon belonging to her friend and fellow reality star Amy Childs. She recently posted a video showing her having the treatment done in great detail and she didn’t seem to be too uncomfortable, only flinching occasionally after the needle was inserted into her lips.


Chantelle Houghton films lip filler injections and shares on Facebook


Some people might not want to know about cosmetic treatments in so much detail but Chantelle Houghton has decided that her Facebook friends should see the procedure in extreme close-up. The former Celebrity Big Brother star filmed her lip injection treatment, which took place at Amy Childs’ beauty salon in Brentwood, Essex, and posted the video online for all to see.

The video shows a close-up of Chantelle’s lips as the injections are being administered to both sides of her lips and the procedure does not look entirely comfortable, although the mother-of-one did not comment on whether or not it was pain-free.

Chantelle has admitted being a fan of the lip-plumping procedure and she mentions in the clip that she has ‘top-ups’ regularly to keep her lips looking fuller. In the past she has admitted to being ‘addicted’ to lip fillers; in 2012 she told Fabulous magazine that she would return to the surgery every three or four weeks to get more treatment done, claiming she ‘wanted to keep doing it and keep doing it’ to see how far she could take it.


Ex-TOWIE star hits back at comments over her appearance


Internet trolls have accused ex-TOWIE cast member Amy Childs of ‘ruining her face’ after getting cosmetic surgery and dental veneers; she spoke to new! magazine about the hurtful comments people had posted about her on Twitter and other social-networking sites. The judgemental remarks came thick and fast after the reality star appeared on This Morning last week and although Amy expects a certain amount of backlash in her profession, she admitted that some of the comments were upsetting.

The twenty-two year old said ‘I know celebrities get stick and made fun of – it comes with the job – but it’s really hurtful when people are saying I look old and plastic and that I’ve ruined my face.’ Hitting back at her critics for their cruel jibes she added ‘I’m a human being too.’

The ex-TOWIE regular revealed that she underwent two breast augmentations, ‘baby Botox’, lip filler treatment, and had dental veneers fitted last year; however, she denies having any new work done in recent weeks – despite the observations of the public. Amy maintains that she would be open about any more surgical treatment, saying ‘If I had cheek fillers or any new surgery, I would have told you – I don’t hide anything I’ve had done and have always been honest.’

TOWIE celebrity gets a new smile for Christmas


TV star Joey Essex – well-known for his stint in hit reality show The Only Way Is Essex – has decided to join the rest of the cast of the over-the-top show by investing in a set of dental veneers worth around £4,300. The ‘Essex look’ is based on all things manufactured, so there’s no way the 21-year-old wanted to be left out for the TOWIE Christmas special.

‘I’m getting my teeth done.’ He admitted last week, adding ‘I’m not having them cut down or anything – that would hurt way too much.’ Joey went on to say that he was thinking about popping into the new salon belonging to fellow reality star Amy Childs, but confessed that getting lots of treatment wasn’t really his style, ‘Botox is too girly for me, and I hate pedicures, I might get a massage,’ he said.

Last night, the Essex celebrity was pictured outside favourite cast hang out Mahiki, with a suspiciously altered smile, which he later confirmed was the result of dental surgery, saying on Twitter ‘Thanks to @hospitalgroupuk for my new Reem smile!’ (Reem being Essex slang for gorgeous).

However, the news might be difficult for his TOWIE colleague Arg to swallow, as he was himself considering the procedure, but balked at the thought of spending thousands of pounds on his teeth. When it came to it, the reality star decided not to go for the ‘big teeth, big lips’ appearance and kept it natural, whilst admitting that he might change his mind in the future.

Kerry Katona undergoes teeth whitening treatment


Kerry Katona undergoes teeth whitening treatment Former singer Kerry Katona has undergone a teeth whitening procedure ahead of her rumoured stint as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother, it has been revealed.

According to the Surrey Herald, the ex-Atomic Kitten songstress attended an appointment at Portmore Dental Office in Monument Hill to make improvements to her pearly whites earlier this week.

The star, whose previous substance abuse issues received extensive media coverage, claimed the treatment would boost her confidence before entering the house tonight (August 18th).

She also revealed she had lost almost a stone in weight in one week after taking part in a gruelling military-style work-out in a bid to get in shape.

"I am both nervous and excited about going into the Big Brother house. But knowing I have nice, white teeth that I can dazzle the audience with will boost my confidence," she remarked.

Among the other celebrities rumoured to be featuring are former Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson, The Only Way Is Essex's Amy Childs and Sally Bercow.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800703802-ADNFCR

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