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Viewers question Amanda Holden’s appearance as she steps in to present TV show



Amanda Holden has been filling in for TV’s Lorraine Kelly on her talk show, and viewers were left scratching their heads as the 45-year-old appeared to be struggling to move her face. The actress and TV judge has admitted to having facial injections in the past but claimed not so long ago that she quit having Botox after her daughter was born. Fans of ITV show Lorraine Kelly were quickly on Twitter wondering if Amanda has turned back to anti-aging techniques.

Although most people were quick to suggest Botox injections as the reason for her facial expressions, or lack of, others were also wondering whether she may be wearing braces that have changed the way her mouth moves. Amanda didn’t comment on any of the rumours and has not said whether she has turned back to Botox despite quitting two years ago.

Whilst the focus of her appearance on ITV seemed to be her complexion, there was much praise for the Britain’s Got Talent judge for her presenting skills; many viewers posted on Twitter that she did very well as a guest presenter, filling some big shoes while Lorraine Kelly was away. She also received many compliments on her ageless appearance and smooth complexion.


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Amanda Holden drenches TV host in water after Botox jokes


She might have admitted to using Botox treatment in the past, but that didn’t stop Amanda Holden losing her cool over Stephen Mulhern’s repeated jokes about her cosmetic work on last night’s Britain’s Got Talent semi-final. On the after show, Britain’s Got More Talent, the TV judge threw no less than three glasses of water over the show’s host, after he made jokes about her use of Botox injections to get rid of lines and wrinkles.

Presenter Stephen was using a popular age-guessing app to see how old the judges appear, but when he came to Amanda, he made a joke about her having some ‘work done’ and instead of putting up a picture of what ‘future Amanda’ might look like, the audience was shown a picture of infamous socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein. The divorcee earned the name ‘Cat Woman’ or ‘The Bride of Wildenstein’ after she underwent extensive surgery over many years, in order to change her face to a more feline appearance.

As the picture flashed up on the screen, Amanda immediately grabbed her water glass and drenched the host, before emptying two more glasses over his head also. The 44-year-old then playfully chased Stephen down and gave him a spanking for his rude behaviour.

Amanda Holden jokes around on ITV’s This Morning


She was recently pictured at a charity event wearing joke teeth and now TV judge Amanda Holden has offered further proof that she has a sense of humour when it comes to her smile; the actress was on the set of ITV’s This Morning and she decided to play a joke on presenter Philip Schofield by smearing some chocolate and orange tart onto her teeth.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge smiled widely to reveal her brown teeth during the cooking segment of the show. The presenter and TV chef Lorraine Pascale were in stitches as Amanda showed off her new look and asked the hosts ‘is that a good look for you?’ Philip Schofield chuckled and Lorraine labelled it ‘gorgeous’.

Philip admitted that he found it so funny that he wanted to join in, saying ‘I want to do that now’, and followed Amanda’s example of poor dental hygiene. Chef Pascale was not on board with the joke however, exclaiming ‘I’m not doing it!’ as her co-presenter joined in. Amanda seemed to be enjoying herself as part of the segment; she and Philip Schofield joked around with the freshly baked tart.

Amanda Holden to get teeth whitening treatment ahead of Olivier Awards


Amanda Holden will get teeth whitening treatment.Amanda Holden has revealed that she intends to get teeth whitening treatment before the Laurence Olivier Awards at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane this weekend.

The ceremony is set to take place in London on Sunday (March 13th 2011) and although she is not up for one herself, she told the Daily Mail's Baz Bamigboye that she intends to look her best.

This is because she is hoping she might get the opportunity to present one of the prizes to some of the biggest names in theatre.

"Teeth bleaching is the way forward," Holden commented.

Next week, the performer will join rehearsals for Shrek the Musical, following her miscarriage last month.

She is to play Princess Fiona in the show, which also stars Richard Blackwood as Donkey.

Among the nominees for the 2011 Olivier Awards is Sheridan Smith, who has been described as a shoe-in for Best Actress in a Musical as a result of her stint in Legally Blonde.

Stephen Mulhern: Botox is incredible


Stephen Mulhern: Botox is incredibleBritain’s Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern has commented he thinks botox gives fantastic results and he would consider using the anti-aging treatment in the future.

Talking to Now magazine the presenter described how he has never had the therapy himself, yet he thinks the effects of the chemical are “incredible”.

The 33-year-old’s comments followed a conversation about Amanda Holden’s admission that she has had the injections to help her maintain a youthful look.

“Amanda was very open about using botox,” Mulhern said, explaining that he was so in awe of how good she looked afterwards, he would definitely think about having it himself.

“I’m not averse to using it. It’s incredible,” the television personality remarked.


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Botox ‘could result in wrinkles’


Botox injections might not always tackle the wrinkles.

Over-use of Botox treatments could be bad for the skin and result in the formation of more wrinkles, it has been argued.

According to an article in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, while paralysis of muscles can lead to the smoothing of lines and wrinkles, the body may fight back in other ways, trying to use other muscle groups to carry out the same function, resulting in wrinkles elsewhere.

“Paralysis of a set of muscles might lead to recruitment of other muscle groups in an attempt to reproduce the conditioned activity being blocked – resulting in more prominent muscle activity in adjacent regions,” Dr Becker, an assistant professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, said.

Meanwhile, 39-year-old actress Amanda Holden has announced she is not averse to having Botox treatments before going on holiday.

She claimed that getting a tan can really highlight any wrinkles and therefore having the procedure carried out can help to hide these blemishes in the short term.

Amanda Holden has Botox injections


Botox treatments are undertaken by Amanda Holden.

Judge on ITV talent show Britain’s Got Talent Amanda Holden has admitted to having Botox treatments in the past.

The 39-year-old celebrity said she likes to have the injections carried out before she goes on holiday, as it can help stop the wrinkles that are accentuated by a tan.

Ms Holden commented: “I first had it done a couple of years ago before I went to South Africa to film STV drama Wild At Heart because, in the sun, you are constantly frowning.”

Meanwhile, former glamour model Jordan has announced she will be holding off from having Botox treatments carried out for the foreseeable future, as she and her husband Alex Reid are looking to have a baby.

Jordan was scheduled to have the procedure carried out last Friday (April 30th), but physicians warned her it could have harmful effects if she was to become pregnant.

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