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John Mayer’s voice saved by Botox treatment


US singer and song-writer John Mayer has received Botox injections to help him regain his voice after undergoing surgery. The musician lost his voice after he developed a granuloma on his vocal cords and had to have an operation to remove the growth, in an attempt to restore his singing voice. The granuloma unfortunately returned and surgeons decided to try Botox injections to freeze the vocal chords while they healed.

Dr Gwen Korovin said that Botox stops the vocal chords meeting ‘it paralyses the muscles so that you cannot bring the vocal folds together. That allows them to rest so the area isn’t banging into each other.’

Although Botox is predominantly used for cosmetic purposes – to get rid of facial lines and wrinkles, it also has numerous medical uses, such as relief from migraine pain and to reduce excessive underarm sweating. Mayer described to process of having the injections as ‘fascinating’, he went on to say that the needles used during the treatment were not too intimidating, commenting that ‘it’s a small enough needle that you don’t go totally berserk when you see it.’

The treatment was initially carried out in October last year and the growth has now shrunk considerably, although it will still be some time before the overall results are noticeable – Mayer is hoping to be fighting-fit by the summer so that he can resume touring.

Rob Kardashian turns to Botox after heartbreak


Reality TV’s most famous little brother Rob Kardashian has apparently turned to cosmetic treatment to improve his appearance after suffering heartache at the hands of Brit pop star Rita Ora. According to recent reports, the only Kardashian boy felt his ego needed a boost after splitting from the singer and he has decided to get Botox injections to make himself feel better.

Rumour has it that elder sister Kim recommended the treatment after experiencing it herself, she even arranged a visit to a Botox specialist for her brother after he complained that his face was sagging, making him look older than his twenty-five years. An insider at the National Enquirer said that after Kim used her contacts to arrange treatment ‘Rob was all for it and made an appointment right away.’

The source went on to say that he felt refreshed after the procedure, saying he ‘walked out of the Beverly Hills office, feeling like a new man and more confident than ever’, adding that being the only boy out of six children didn’t mean he wasn’t as vain as the better known women of the Kardashian clan. Although Botox is a very safe procedure, Rob was still worried about the possibility of negative effects; the insider said that his ‘main concerns about getting Botox were having a stiff face that didn’t move and what his buddies would say.’

Anjelica Huston shows off ‘pillow-face’ at TV panel


Actress Anjelica Huston has admitted to dabbling in Botox and facial fillers in the past but it seems the 61-year-old may have taken the practice too far, if her pillowy complexion is anything to go by. Huston was taking part in a panel to promote the second series of her musical TV show Smash and her incredibly smooth face raised a few eyebrows; mainly because it only served to highlight the wrinkled skin around her neck and jawline.

The American star is no stranger to cosmetic surgery but unfortunately has had some negative experiences with facial injections in the past. Huston said in an interview that she was introduced to Botox as ‘this wonderful new thing’ but the experiment went wrong and she found it very painful. ‘He took a huge needle and plunged it into my third eye’ she explains dramatically, adding that she found the pain ‘was something inexplicable’, saying ‘I gasped, I writhed and when I came to, I had a headache that lasted four days, a serious one.’

Although Botox injections are generally relatively painless, due to the small needles, if incorrectly administered they can sometimes be uncomfortable. The pain doesn’t seem to have put Anjelica off facial treatments though and she appears to have come to terms with any discomfort if it means improving her complexion.

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