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Scotty T reveals new veneers


Reality star, Scotty T, has revealed his drastic smile makeover this week, with a series of photos shared on social media. The Geordie Shore star shows off a set of startlingly white veneers, with his fans likening the transformation to an episode of Friends.

The twenty-eight-year-old was compared to the Friend’s character, Ross Gellar, on an episode of the popular US sitcom, where his teeth whitening blunder results in extremely bright pearly whites. In the episode, it shows his smile being so white that it glows in the dark, and Scotty’s fans are having a good laugh at the comparison. However, the comments are not malicious and have been said in a jovial fashion. One fan posted, “Why am I thinking of Ross when he got his teeth done in Friends?!” and another simply wrote, “Alreet Ross Gellar.”

Despite the banter, many fans were still impressed by Scotty’s new veneers, “Love love love them, teeth are everything.” The star is equally happy with his new teeth, as his comment on the post read that he was ‘buzzin’ to get the makeover. The veneers have come following a break from his reality T.V. career, with the star now preparing to start filming the next series of the popular Newcastle based show.



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