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Model admits she ‘hates’ her teeth


Sometimes even the best looking women in the world can still have body hang-ups, and for Brazilian model Adriana Lima, this issue concerns her teeth. As perfect as they might look to the rest of us, the 31-year-old admitted in an interview that she has always been unhappy with her teeth and felt insecure about them when she was growing up.

Even going so far as to use the word ‘hate’ Adriana explained that she felt her teeth would stop her from finding happiness, saying ‘I thought that I cannot be attractive to anyone because of my ugly teeth. Even today I hate them. They are odd and big.’ She also added that she believes her eyes are her prettiest feature and hopes that her looks will help her find work acting in Hollywood, she went on to say ‘I think I would do great in a serious role. I hope this will come true.’

Contrary to Adriana’s own issues, a survey last year by Oral-B revealed that Brazilians have the most desirable smiles. Although most people would probably say the Americans have the best dental health in the world, they have been usurped in recent years – Brazil boasts the least fillings, longer brushing times, and more frequent visits to the dentist – and there is also one of the largest concentrations of dentist per capita in the world. Furthermore, many famous models have come from the South American country, including Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen.

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