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Acupuncture could help dental anxiety sufferers


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Acupuncture could help dental anxiety sufferersA new study has revealed that acupuncture could help dental anxiety sufferers. Dental anxiety affects about a quarter of the UK population and can make trips to the dentist unbearable. The use of dental sedation has helped many people access the dental care they need. However, there could now be another possible option available for patients in the future.

Before, during, and after the study, dental anxiety levels among patients who had no treatment and those who had acupuncture were compared. The results showed an interesting reduction of anxiety on the patients who had received acupuncture. Professor MacPherson, Professor of Acupuncture of the University of York, spoke to Science Daily. “These are interesting findings, but we need more trials that measure the impact of acupuncture on anxiety before going to the dentist, during treatment, and after treatment.”

Together, acupuncture, in conjunction with dental sedation, could improve the overall patient experience. More research in this area is certainly needed. However, the results so far are very promising and could make a difference to many.


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Acupuncture ‘can help with dentistry anxiety’


People could reduce their anxiety about dentistry by having acupuncture.

People who have a fear of the dentist’s office could reduce their dental anxiety by undergoing acupuncture treatments, it has been claimed.

According to Cathy Wong in her blog for Alt Medicine, 16 women and four men who were anxious about dentistry were given a course of acupuncture and in half of the cases, they said their anxiety had been reduced as a result of the treatment.

Furthermore, all of the participants were able to follow through with planned dentistry treatments after they underwent the acupuncture.

Indeed, Ms Wong noted that other treatments like biofeedback and hypnosis have also been shown to provide help in people managing their anxiety when it comes to check-ups and emergency dentistry procedures.

Elsewhere, a study by researchers from the UK and Denmark recently showed that in the majority of cases, anxiety levels can be reduced following acupuncture, as the body releases natural chemicals to calm a person.

Acupuncture ‘can ease dentistry fears’


Acupuncture could be of use in reducing anxiety.

People worried about emergency dentistry treatments might like to have acupuncture sessions in order to reduce their anxiety, it has been stated.

A study by researchers from Sheffield and Denmark showed that in the majority of cases, anxiety levels can be reduced following acupuncture, as the body releases natural chemicals to calm a person.

Those that took part in the research all claimed to have had a fear of the dentist for between two and 30 years, yet the results showed that typical levels of stress were more than halved for those who underwent acupuncture.

“Acupuncture prior to dental treatment has a beneficial effect on the level of anxiety in patients with dental anxiety and may offer a simple and inexpensive method of treatment,” the study’s authors noted.

Elsewhere, the CNN Wellness blog recently reported that not coping with stress properly can lead to real problems with oral health, as people tend to grind their teeth more.

Indeed, the post revealed that in many cases, people who are stressed do not realise they are grinding their teeth, as they do it in their sleep.

Acupuncture ‘could help reduce pain’


dental acupunctureTooth pain could be reduced with acupuncture.

Anyone feeling pain after a cosmetic dentistry procedure may be able to reduce their discomfort through acupuncture, it has been claimed.

Dr Mike Cummings, medical director at the British Medical Acupuncture Society, said because of the localised effects of acupuncture, the treatment could be an effective method of pain relief for those who are feeling down.

He commented: “Acupuncture also has effects on sensory nerves in the spinal cord – called segmental effects – and in nerve endings around the area stimulated, called local effects.”

Dr Cummings added that the treatment could also be perfect for women after pregnancy, as it has been found to lift the mood and help with depression.

According to research carried out scientists at the University of York and the University of Hull, acupuncture could have a significant effect on specific nerve structures, resulting in a sensation called deqi.

Analysis showed this switches off areas within the brain that are associated with the processing of pain.

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