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American medical spa accused of using fake Botox on patients


An American nurse has alleged that the medical spa she formerly worked for used fake Botox on its patients. The nurse known as ‘Sheila’ asked for her identity to remain secret, after talking to ABC’s 10 News recently. At present the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) are launching an official investigation into the allegations, therefore the clinic cannot yet be named.

Sheila spoke of her elation when she landed her dream job at the spa. However, six months in, she started to notice that things might not be quite as they seemed. Following the news that the FDA would be paying a routine visit, Sheila noticed that the packaging on the Botox bottles had changed. Sheila was quoted on ABC 10 News as stating, “I saw Botox that would come in bubble wrap. The FDA-approved Botox comes in dry ice.”

The fake bottles were bearing the same branding as the real McCoy but were missing one vital attribute, the Allergan hologram that proves the authenticity of the product. Alarmingly, Sheila also discovered other ‘fake’ bottles that read, “For animal use only.” She alleges that the doctors used this to inject into human patients and consciously knew what they were doing. When Sheila confronted her bosses about the issue she was sacked the very next day and has now employed a lawyer to fight a case for unlawful dismissal. The investigation continues.



Kim Kardashian photos show a drastic change in appearance


Reality star Kim Kardashian is well known for her love of make-up but a recent article in UsWeekly has accused the 34-year-old of using a little bit more than make-up to alter her appearance; an undisclosed source suggests that she has been using Botox and dermal filler injections for years.

Although Kim has said in the past that she would never have injections done again after a bad reaction to the treatment, which was documented on her reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she seems to have got over her initial reservations. An insider told the publication ‘she’s had fillers all over her face’, including her nose, chin and cheeks, to alter the shape of her face. Due to her previous experience in 2012, she supposedly avoids getting injections around the eye area.

Kim says she is ‘totally not against’ plastic surgery but says that even though she has spoken to a doctor about getting a nose job she decided not to go through with it because she was afraid that she would look too different to her normal self. However, that was in an interview with ABC news in 2010, so it perhaps would not come as a surprise if she changed her mind at some point in the future.

Australian shopper bites into safety pin in block of cheese


A Woolworths customer in Australia thought he had broken his tooth when he bit into a block of cheese and found a safety pin in the middle of it. The shop has since withdrawn the line of cheese following the incident in New South Wales.

Former School teacher Patrick McMullen, from Orange, New South Wales, cut a slice from a block of Woolworths brand cheddar cheese and was surprised to make the discovery. Patrick told ABC ‘I cut a reasonably thick slice, put it into my mouth, I had no idea. At first I thought I’d broken a tooth because I felt something hard in my mouth… [but] it turned out to be a safety pin.’

Mr McMullen said he was in ‘shock’ at the turn of events and rang the Woolworths hotline right away; he added ‘They assured me that they take this sort of matter seriously and that someone would ring me.’ After pressuring them to remove the item from the shelves, a spokesman for the company told ABC that the product was immediately withdrawn from sale, he explained that ‘Woolworths is continuing to investigate the issue and has been in touch with the customer a number of times and will talk to him again today.’

Mr McMullen maintains that he is not out to cause trouble by releasing this information to the public, saying that his only concern is ‘for the safety of everyone.’

HBO show Girls joins new tooth jewellery trend


TV show Girls has jumped on the latest trend of baby tooth jewellery as one of the characters receives the custom-made gift in the latest episode of the HBO hit. The woman who started it all, Jackie Kaufman, appeared on Good Morning America to talk about her online Etsy shop Rock My World, which creates the unusual mementos.

Jackie was commissioned by the wardrobe department of HBO’s Girls, to create a silver pendant out of a baby tooth. She added that she has already received over 100 orders for the tooth charms so far, charging between $64.99 (about £40) and $74.99 (about £45) for the silver moulds.

Jackie went on to say that this type of memorabilia is becoming extremely popular and explained that ‘once people are aware of what they can do with the baby teeth, and the very unique pieces of jewellery that can be created, they will be more inclined to have them made.’ However, the jewellery designer is also aware that not everyone will find the custom-made pieces so desirable, saying ‘You are either repulsed by it or love it.’

Global editor for BabyCenter, Linda Murray, spoke to ABC about the designs, explaining that parents are always looking for new ways to commemorate those special moments , saying ‘Losing a tooth is a pivotal moment in a child’s development and symbolic of crossing the threshold from baby to big kid.’

Poorly trained dentists are putting US children at risk


Poor training and careless attitudes towards patient safety means that thousands of children across the USA are being put at risk when they visit the dentist, as some unscrupulous characters attempt to increase their profit by sedating very young patients. By pushing parents to add expensive sedation to their child’s treatment, badly trained dentists are making huge amounts of profit on what should be routine treatments.

In some cases, providers are administering oral sedatives to patients as young as 18-months and current research suggests that at least 31 children have died as a result of this careless practice in the last fifteen years. The parents of eight-year-old Raven Maria Blanco have set up a foundation in her memory after she passed away in the dentist’s chair in 2007, due to a lethal dose of sedatives. The Raven Maria Blanco Foundation was created to warn parents about the dangers of poorly trained dentists, Robin and Mario Blanco spoke to Diane Sawyer on ABC news about the tragedy and how it could have been prevented; they said ‘Parents assume that a dentist should know what he’s doing and that’s not always the case.’ ABC continued to investigate and found that there were very few regulations in place for dentists and that some states required just a weekend of training for administering oral sedatives.

Spokesman for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Dr Indru Punwani, called the weekend course ‘inadequate’, and suggested that this was not long enough to teach the dentists how to deal with the possible emergencies that could occur during surgery.

Zoom teeth whitening ‘on the rise’


More people are believed to be investing in Zoom teeth whitening.The popularity and success of Zoom teeth whitening is on the rise, as the dental treatment begins to win over even more patients.

World Dental reported that the process is being chosen by an increased number of people across the globe, many of whom desire the gleaming smile it can create.

Developed by Discuss Dental, the procedure is carried out by professional specialists and works to lighten the colour of digits within the mouth.

A frequent slot on TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, broadcast on US channel ABC, may also be working wonders when it comes to raising the profile of the treatment.

The powerful hydrogen peroxide-based tooth whitener used by experts during the method is the key to Zoom teeth whitening's success, the publication suggested.

Dr Anoop Maini, a member of the board of directors at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, recently said cosmetic dentistry is no longer reserved purely for the rich and famous and is now accessible to everybody.ADNFCR-2621-ID-800432653-ADNFCR

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