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Indiana man wakes up to find all his teeth have been removed


An American man who was scheduled to have four of his teeth extracted woke up in hospital to find that all of his teeth had actually been removed. Donny Grisby, of Indiana, was featured on ABC 6 after waking to discover that his surgery had taken over five hours and all of his teeth had been extracted.

Donny was taken to hospital after he became ill and had to be revived twice on the way there; White River Dental claim that all of his teeth were putting him at risk because of an abscess that was spreading through his mouth. Donny’s wife Amanda was understandably distressed by the sight of her husband in an induced coma and when he awoke he was upset to find himself toothless. He told 14 News that he was feeling ‘ashamed’ because he now has no teeth and the couple are now planning to file a medical malpractice suit against the clinic.

A press statement to ABC 6 from White River Dental said that their patients are evaluated before treatment begins and the couple will have had everything explained to them beforehand, as well as signing consent forms for the work to go ahead.


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