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Joey Essex posts pictures following dental surgery




Joey Essex is not known for his brains, but the 25-year-old former TOWIE regular is now claiming that having his wisdom teeth removed has actually made him smarter. Joey posted several pictures on Instagram before and after his dental surgery, which involved the removal of all four wisdom teeth.

Joey took a selfie of him wearing a chilling face mask after the teeth were removed – designed to reduced pain and swelling after the extractions – and added the caption ‘Good morning everyone !!! Since having my wisdom teeth taken out… I’m sure iv started to become even more cleverer !!! No joke [sic].’

He also posted a picture of himself recovering in bed after the operation, alongside his dental team, with a caption thanking all of his followers for their well-wishes. He captioned the snap ‘Lots of love out there for the fans. Love you all. Appreciate your support on my journeys I always do thank you !!’ It wasn’t just the dentists taking care of the reality star though, his Nan popped in to check on him and even brought Cup A Soup to cheer her grandson up. Joey posted a picture of the two, with the caption ‘My nanny always looks after me.’


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