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Doctor removes patient’s teeth after she is admitted for leg surgery


Parents of a young hospital patient have made a complaint to the police after their daughter was admitted for leg surgery and came out of the operation with five of her teeth missing. Philip Morrison and Sonia McCrossan took their six-year-old daughter Sarah to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital to undergo treatment on her legs to make them stronger; she was scheduled for surgery to insert metal rods into them to combat a rare brittle bone disease that she developed in the womb.

As well as treating her legs, the surgeons decided to extract her baby teeth as they ‘posed a serious risk to Sarah’s airway’ and the Hospital maintains that her parents spoke to a clinician beforehand about this issue. Sarah’s parents, however, tell a different story and have informed the police about this incident; her father Philip described how his partner Sonia called in in ‘a very erratic state, crying and screaming’ after the surgery had been completed. He said ‘At that point I thought Sarah had died. I ran down to the recovery room where I first got a glimpse of Sarah with her mouth full of blood. The hospital is adamant that baby teeth were taken, but two of them were adult teeth; I know because I have the baby teeth at home.’

The family are now planning to move Sarah to another hospital, insisting that she won’t be attending any more appointments at the South Yorkshire facility, saying ‘Sarah has been going mad about the missing teeth. She keeps putting her tongue up there saying ‘they stole my teeth’.’

A spokesperson for the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust said ‘The care given to this patient was done in her best interest. We understand her parents have raised this as an issue with the police and we will keep them updated as we would with any incident.’

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