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Smile transformation performed twenty years after accident


Cumbrian woman, Donna Fidoe, suffered a terrible accident nearly twenty years ago, that left her with severe injuries, including disfigurement to her face. Ms Fidoe was left hospitalised after a car hit her whilst she crossed the road. The accident was so horrific that her head smashed into the car windscreen, and her skin was ripped open. She was then catapulted backwards, resulting in cracks to her top and bottom teeth.

Ms Fidoe had many years of corrective surgery on her face and was fitted with crowns to strengthen her weakened teeth. Sadly for Ms Fidoe, this was not the end of her woes after she then suffered domestic violence, causing further damage to her teeth. Unfortunately, her tooth had sustained too much damage and could not recover. The tooth was extracted and a denture was fitted to hide the gaping hole. Ms Fidoe was quoted in the Express newspaper, “I rarely left the house at all as I hated the denture so much, it petrified me and every time I put it in my mouth it just took over. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else as I was constantly thinking about the denture.”

The Brighton Implant Clinic heard the tragic story and vowed to help her rebuild her smile. The clinic, founded by Dr Bruno Silva, offers dental work to cancer patients and veterans completely free of charge. Ms Fidoe had all her teeth removed, due to their fragility, and now has a full set of dental implants. The generosity of the clinic changed her life by giving her a fantastic smile, which she is proud to show off to everyone.



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