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Writer reveals how DIY teeth whitening addiction damaged her smile


A writer has recalled how DIY teeth whitening stripped away her enamel.  A writer has revealed how an addiction to DIY teeth whitening left her smile permanently damaged.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Anna Maxted said she originally went to a professional to have the treatment, but was impatient with the slow results and the lack of obvious brightness.

When she discovered DIY kits, she said she became "obsessed" with them and was using them all the time, even to do the school run.

"The faster the effects, the better, as far as I was concerned," Ms Maxted commented, adding that she did not stop or even investigate when the products irritated her mouth.

She has since discovered that some of her favourite DIY kits contain chlorine dioxide – the same bleach used on swimming pools – and five times the recommended levels of other chemicals, which have permanently damaged her enamel.

Although Ms Maxted she is "no longer so keen" on DIY teeth whitening, she suggested she has not learned her lesson by admitting that she still uses the bleaching strips ahead of big occasions.

Dr Miriam Stoppard recently urged readers of the Mirror to save up for professional teeth whitening treatment that will be safe instead of trying to do it yourself.

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