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Teeth whitening ‘is best done by a dentist’


Teeth whitening will be best done by a dentist.People who want teeth whitening treatment may be better off having it done by a real dentist.

This is the advice of an unnamed author at The Paper magazine, writing in response to a reader query asking if the process is safe.

The expert pointed out that dentists will have access to better teeth whitening solutions than those available over the counter, as well as being able to apply them safely and more effectively.

"As such, a professional job in your dentist's office will be more effective and last longer," the writer commented.

It was also underlined that people who try to brighten their teeth at home could be at greater risk of burning their gums or swallowing hydrogen peroxide than those who go to a professional.

Earlier this month, an article on suggested that proper teeth whitening treatments may be better for oral health than toothpastes claiming to do the same thing.


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