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Teenagers ‘should stay away from home teeth whitening products’


Household items should not be used as teeth whitening products. A dentist has warned young people to avoid home teeth whitening products after hearing than some people are using dangerous substances to achieve Hollywood smiles.

Yusuf Kaderbhai, who owns a practice in the Midlands, told Cosmetic Dentistry Guide that he has heard of teenagers using ash, baking soda and even bleach to copy celebrities such as Cheryl Cole.

He explained that these substances can cause permanent damage to the teeth by stripping the enamel away, making them vulnerable to decay and acid erosion.

Instead of doing DIY, Dr Kaderbhai said it is better to seek professional teeth whitening treatments, which are more affordable now than ever.

Miriam Stoppard also recently told the Mirror that DIY kits are not a good idea, as the sodium bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide could damage the gums when not being used by professionals.

This could lead to long-term health problems such as heart issues if they enter the bloodstream.

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