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‘Simple cosmetic dentistry’ can easily repair chips


Cosmetic dentistry could fix that chip.People who chip their teeth need not worry their smile may be affected forever, because simple cosmetic dentistry could correct the problem.

This is the advice of dentist Dr Philip Friel, who was writing in response to a reader’s query in the Scottish Daily Record.

The unnamed woman said her 14-year-old son had chipped his front tooth playing football and was “devastated”.

However, Dr Friel said eradicating chips can be carried out “successfully, non-invasively and very aesthetically”.

“A simple chip can be restored using a direct composite resin technique … blending it in nicely to the adjacent tooth shade,” the expert added.

Cosmetic dentistry could even help to repair more serious damage. Last month, it was reported that American Chrissy Steltz was having dental implants to restore her teeth after losing large areas of her face in a gun-related accident.

The 27-year-old was shot 11 years ago and the dental treatment is part of a range of surgeries designed to rebuild her jaw and nose.

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