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Research suggests that flossing could be pointless


After being told for decades that flossing is a vital part of any dental hygiene routine, it may surprise you to know that dental researchers are currently saying that the practice could actual be a complete waste of time. According to a study in America, there is not much evidence that flossing is helpful to maintaining healthy teeth and gums and it has been recommended that it is removed from official health guidelines in the country.

The Associated Press revealed that studies investigating the benefits of flossing provide only weak evidence that the practice is beneficial to dental health, after looking at ‘the most rigorous research conducted over the past decade.’

Professor Damien Walmsley, scientific advisor at the British Dental Association, said that there is actually ‘little value’ to flossing around the teeth and inter-dental brushes are much more effective, where there is space to fit them between the teeth.

Professor Walmsley added that the best way to reduce the risk of decay and gum disease is to brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and enjoy sweet treats at mealtimes only.


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