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Patients ‘are fortunate to have options like dental implants’


New technology in cosmetic dentistry is benefiting patients, an expert has said.Modern-day patients are fortunate to have the option of treatments such as dental implants that were not available to previous generations.

Dr Frank Giorgianni Jr told the Times Herald Record that there are many solutions to help people with dental emergencies today that were not around even 25 years ago.

"It is comforting to know that even in the extreme event that a patient may lose a tooth, new-generation implants … enable the dentist to restore and even improve a person's smile," he commented.

Dr Giorgianni Jr added that restoring front teeth in particular could help to make patients look more youthful as well as improving their ability to eat.

The expert also explained dental implants are long-lasting, with some still in action from 1965.

In a recent interview with InStyle magazine, cosmetic dentistry expert Dr Joe Oliver recently said teeth whitening and dental veneers could help people to look ten years younger.

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