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Could dental fad become as popular as teeth whitening?


Would you prefer teeth whitening or neon gnashers?A fad from Japan could become the partygoers' equivalent to teeth whitening if it catches on in the UK and US.

Inventors created LED fronts a little like mouthguards as an experiment, but they were snapped up by a Japanese retailer to publicise a winter sale.

The products are fitted on to the teeth and light up in different colours when the wearer smiles.

They caught on with teenagers and young adults and are now being sported all over the country, with the manufacturers describing them as a "party in your mouth".

It is possible they could pop up in schoolyards in this country, presenting an alternative to teeth whitening for extroverts, but traditional cosmetic dentistry is likely to remain more popular in the long term.

This is not the first time a tooth-related trend has hit the headlines – cosmetic dentistry practitioners recently criticised Kanye West for having all his bottom teeth at the front replaced with diamonds.

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