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Cosmetic dentistry ‘will not hide poor oral hygiene’


Unless you look after your teeth in the first place, cosmetic dentistry may be a mistake.People should not try to hide poor oral health with cosmetic dentistry, one expert has warned.

Leading periodontologist and Dentyl Active spokesperson Professor Robin Seymour said that not following a proper emergency dentistry prevention regime is likely to lead to gum disease in the long term.

This could then result in teeth becoming loose and falling out.

"Such tooth loss would make any cosmetic work a waste of time and money," the expert pointed out.

Professor Seymour recommended brushing teeth twice a day for at least two minutes and following this up with an alcohol-free mouthwash in order to keep the mouth and gums in top condition.

The recent Adult Dental Health Survey suggested more people may be trying to take better care of their teeth, showing that the proportion of adults in England with visible decay had fallen by a fifth since the last research was carried out in 1998.

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