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Churchill’s dentures fetch £16k at auction


Winston Churchill's teeth show how far cosmetic dentistry has come.Any famous people having dental implants fitted may be inspired to keep their original dentures after Winston Churchill's fetched a surprising amount at auction.

The former prime minister's gold false teeth went under the hammer at London auctioneers Bonham's this week and the lucky winning bidder paid a cool £16,000 for them.

Bonham's spokesperson Lionel Willis told AFP they were made to correct a slight speech impediment that the war leader had, since he had experienced problems with public speaking due to a lisp since childhood.

The expert added that some of Churchill's most famous orations "could have been made over the top of these teeth – I think that's a rather spooky feeling".

Another pair of his dentures sold for a similar amount last year.

In August 2010, the Baltimore Museum in Maryland unveiled a display containing George Washington’s dentures to showcase just how much cosmetic dentistry has progressed.


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