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A smile ‘can take ten years off’


People with a nice smile can look younger.

A bright smile can help a person knock up to ten years off their perceived age, it has been claimed.

Dr Thang Nghiem, director of London’s Ultrasmile dental practice, told national publication the Mirror that stained and discoloured teeth are particularly ageing and can make a person look much older than they actually are.

She commented: “We associate stained teeth with old age. But it’s so easy to treat. Restoring whiteness has the same effect as dyeing your hair – it turns back the clock instantly.”

Indeed, people have been advised to ensure they brush their teeth regularly and make sure to get off any stains when they appear. Furthermore, eating a healthy diet can also help to keep a person’s smile bright and white.

Elsewhere, the Daily Express recently reported Invisalign braces are becoming all the rage as more Brits say they would like to emulate the smile of Cheryl Cole than any other celebrity.

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