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Teeth whitening headset unveiled


A new device for teeth whitening has been unveiled.

A new teeth whitening device has been unveiled that uses light to brighten a person’s smile.

The Beaming White Forever White Teeth Whitening Headset works by activating a hydrogen peroxide gel that the patient applies to their teeth. They then sit back and allow the 2.5 W LED-powered kit to do its work.

It presently costs $40 (£27.70) and this includes a 16 per cent hydrogen peroxide gel and the headset.

Furthermore, the headset comes equipped with a pair of earphones so users can listen to their favourite music while the treatment is carried out.

Elsewhere, Jim Arnold of recently stated that more people will be looking to have teeth whitening treatments carried out this summer, as the hot weather will see many out to look their best and a beaming white smile can help to achieve this.

He added that the most popular choice for many will be to have professional teeth whitening treatments.

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