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Laser teeth whitening ‘could help people look younger’


Laser teeth whitening can be anti-ageing.Having a bright, white smile is key to a person looking younger and feeling more confident and laser teeth whitening could be one way to achieve this, it has been claimed. laser teeth whitening


Big News reported that white teeth can not only make a person appear younger and more attractive but they can help them be more confident and outgoing.

The publication stated: “We are all born with pearly white teeth, but we fail to maintain that whiteness due to various factors. Besides foods, people are habituated to smoke, drink and eat some colourful foods.”

In addition, the resource noted when a person smiles it can convey a lot about them, their personality, their intentions and it is therefore always best to have a bright set of pearly whites to smile back with.

Elsewhere, WorlDental recently reported laser teeth whitening can cost as much as $600 (£400) per round of treatment, while take-home teeth whitening kits normally cost anywhere between $20 and $50.

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