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Laser teeth whitening ‘can do so much’


Laser teeth whitening is a big leap in technology, according to an expert.Laser teeth whitening is a huge leap forward when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

This is according to Dr Joseph Lim, president of Dr Smile in the US, who told the Inquirer that he much prefers it to the traditional methods because it is quicker and easier.

“It is one machine that can do everything. This new technology can do so much to help improve the life of many patients,” he enthused.

The dentist added that anyone who tries laser teeth whitening is unlikely to want to go back to the old style of lightening.

Last month, cosmetic dentistry expert Jennifer Jablow told Elle magazine that laser teeth whitening can improve the look of teeth in less than an hour.

She pointed out that if it is done professionally, patients should manage to achieve a hue eight to ten shades lighter than their natural appearance, depending on their original porosity.

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