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Writer praises Invisalign braces


 Could Invisalign braces help you like they helped one writer?Invisalign braces have been praised by one writer, who recently completed her treatment with them.

The unnamed Daily Mail journalist said she was unhappy with her misalign smile by her mid-twenties, something which had come about as a result of her wisdom teeth crowding her mouth.

After hearing stars such as Katherine Heigl and Cheryl Cole mention Invisalign braces, she decided to try them herself and said she has been surprised and delighted with the results.

The writer had 12 aligners made to fit her mouth, changing them every two weeks to gently push her teeth into a new position. Although she admitted that she did find them uncomfortable at first, the source said this soon passed and she did not notice them after a while.

"Six months on and at the end of the last brace … I am thrilled with the results. My teeth are completely straight and I finally have the smile I always dreamed of," the journalist concluded.

Myleene Klass is another celebrity who recently revealed she has had Invisalign braces, although she has now finished her treatment.

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