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Invisalign braces help Olympic medallist


Olympic medallist Rebecca Romero has had her teeth straightened.

Olympic medallist Rebecca Romero has had her teeth straightened using Invisalign braces.

She claimed the treatment had been ideal for her, as it did not interfere with her training. Indeed, she was able to take out the brace whenever she needed to brush her teeth or eat.

Ms Romero said: “I am so happy with the results, I feel happier with the appearance of my teeth and I am more confident about smiling now.”

She claimed the braces were practically invisible and that people often failed to notice them unless they were pointed out.

Elsewhere, Align Technology recently announced it is to remove its case requirements policy to allow more dentists to offer the treatment.

In the past, dentists could only offer the treatment if they were able to show they had at least ten cases per year. However, they will now no longer have to make this claim, meaning more Brits could soon benefit from Invisalign braces.

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